Research | Geophysics

Geophysics faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students work in the areas of global seismology, reflection seismology, geodynamics, tectonics, volcanology, remote sensing, gravity, climate dynamics, numerical modeling and landscape evolution.


Susan Beck - Global seismology and tectonics
Chris Harig - Geodesy, geodynamics, and the cryosphere
Jack Holt - Remote sensing; Ice sheets on Earth and Mars; Field Geophysics 
Amanda Hughes - Structural geology
Roy Johnson - Reflection seismology, crustal and lithospheric structure
Eric Kiser - Global and active-source seismology, earthquake sources and volcanic systems
Luke McGuire - Earth surface processes, numerical modeling and remote sensing
Jon Pelletier - Geomorphology, fluid flow and modeling
Joellen Russell - Climate dynamics
Jianjun Yin - Fluid dynamics and Earth System modeling
Pranabendu Moitra – Volcanology, fluid dynamics
Patricia Persuad
Adjunct Faculty
Marc Sbar
Emeritus Faculty
Randy Richardson - Solid-earth geophysics
Faculty with related interests
George Davis - Structural geology
Peter DeCelles - Sedimentology, tectonics
Mihai Ducea - Tectonics
Paul Kapp - Structure, tectonics
Paul Goodman - Climate modeling

Colton Lynner - Global seismology

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