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On copper oxide outcrops in the Chabuca area of the Tintaya district, Peru

With the late Hugo Dummett in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Eric Seedorff
Ph. D., 1987, Stanford University

I am an Associate Professor, Lowell Chair in Economic Geology, in the Center for Mineral Resources of the Department of Geosciences. I joined the faculty of the University of Arizona in January 2002 after having spent the first half of my career in the minerals industry. I have a courtesy appointment in the Department of Mining and Geological Engineering.

With students, other faculty members, and collaborators in the minerals industry, government, and academia, I undertake field-based research investigations supported by laboratory measurements. Among other tools, I make extensive use of geologic maps and associated displays of geometric and temporal relationships. My geologic interests span economic geology, structural geology, volcanology and igneous petrology, and geochemistry. I study why hydrothermal systems are initiated, how they evolve in time and space, how they are related to the open-system behavior of magma chambers, and how long they persist. I also track the structural history of mineral deposits during the subsequent tectonic evolution of the regions in which they formed. The types of mineral deposits that interest me most are porphyry deposits of Cu, Mo, Au, Sn, and W, Carlin-type Au deposits, and epithermal Au-Ag deposits. I also am curious about the sources of effective organizations, the catalysts of innovation, and the development of leadership.

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Geosciences such as Physical Geology, Volcanology, Field Mapping of Mineral Deposits, Advanced Techniques in Mineral Deposits, seminars on the Origin of Porphyry Deposits, and classes and short courses in the Lowell Program in Economic Geology. I advise MS and PhD students and serve on numerous other MS and PhD research committees. In addition to fulfilling the traditional roles of a Geosciences faculty member, I am Director of the Lowell Program in Economic Geology.

I am a member of more than a dozen geological and mining organizations and am President of the Arizona Geological Society for 2004. My professional service includes having been an Associate Editor of Economic Geology, Councilor of the Society of Economic Geologists, and President of the Geological Society of Nevada.

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Department of Geosciences
University of Arizona
1040 E. 4th Street, Rm 316
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Phone:  1-520-626-3921
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