COSA: Convergent Orogen Systems Analysis

Photos from May 2008 Central Andes field trip

El grupo at (almost) 15,000 ft., shosonites in the background: Left to right: Rick Bennett, George Gehrels, George Zandt, Susan Beck, Jesse O'Brien, Kelly Umlauf, David Pearson, Alyson Cartwright, Tim Demko, Gary Gray, Pete Reiners, Antoine Vernon, Jerry Kendall, Richard Barke, Paul Kapp, Pete DeCelles, Tom Hauge, Jay Quade.

The Cachi Range, locale of many long tales of harrowing, near-death ascents by PDC.

Just another one of the barely tolerable accomodations, crammed with Malbec, Cafayate.

Alyson and Jay cheerfully illuminate the stratigraphy and structure of a big syncline/fault complex.

Yet another exhausting and dangerous detrital sampling epic, in front of the Cachi Range.

Supersol, formerly on the, uh, forebulge.

Gary and Tom staying focused on the Andean Condors.

If this were Arizona that water would be put to good use on a sweet golf course.

Descending the Eastern Cordillera, into las nubes.

Cardons and stuff in front of the Cachi Range.

Tom, Jerry, Kelly, and DP use regional structures to constrain the Jerrygram.

Jesse expounds on the Punaschotter to Jerry, Rick, and Tom.

This actually isn't Tucson.

The Angastaco Formation on end.

Modeling this year's must-have outerwear for salar standing-around is George Gehrels.

Burrowing parrots on a line.

So first the drip goes "zzeeeaarrr..." and then all this shoshonite comes up like "vvrrreeupp...".

This is either a Puna plateau alluvial fan, or my trip to Gillette, Wyoming last summer.

Day 1. Rick, Antoine, George, and Jay practicing his pirate look.

Pondering the Altiplano-Puna's Late Miocene high-flux magmatic event while goatee grooming.

More Angastaco Formation, with more water just flowing away, wasted.

Tim's altimeter, in clear non-SI-unit compliance.

Cabra come nuece (a useful phrase to remember), and the Cretaceous Pirgua in the Salta rift.

Pete and Jerry explicate something somewhere, and salt precipitation experiments, Salinas Grandes.

Our intrepid luggage/spare-tire vehicle.

Some kind of impressive rhythmic sedimentary packaging.

Richard's syncline pantomine.

Once again, the only people taking notes appear to be the grad students.

Haben sie ein Punaschotter?

I guess Puna grass really comes from the Puna.

The amazing Salta rift.

Paul and DP survey the Valles Marinaris.

The Good, the Bad, and the 2008 Donath Medal Winner.

More Pirgua.

More Angastaco.

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