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Some of my colleagues

Willy Guenthner, chief zirconologist, admiring the view from a window of Tintic sandstone (with beautiful hematite on fractures), Stansbury Mountains.

An couple of old thermochronologists wandering the streets of Tuebingen, Deutschland.

Kendra Murray, chief laccolithologist, descending the Lake Anne Pluton, North Cascades.

Stuart Thomson and Christien Vasquez passing around the maté in a farmer's hut, Patagonia.

Josh Roering lamenting the death of a sagebrush by wildfire, northeastern California.

Stuart Thomson enjoying one of the last times we saw the sun in Patagonia.

Charles Knaack with daughters Hannah and Carolyn, above the Columbia River Basalts of the Imnaha River Valley.

Derek Sjostrom and Page Chamberlain hunting soil carbonates in central Washington.

Jeremy Hourigan, Stefan Nicolescu, and Terry Plank, in Terry's awesome laser ablation ICP-MS lab at BU.

Ed Heffern of the BLM, helping Camille Jones and Zoe Ruge of Bryn Mawr (and me and Catherine Riihimaki) understand the Powder River Basin.

The always cheerful Todd Ehlers on top of a mountain pass in Taiwan.

John Garver pursuing his true passion (after FT).

Catherine Riihimaki in the wilderness of clinker, northern Powder River Basin, Wyoming.

Jon Tomkin, Mark Brandon, and Gerard Roe, arguing about glaciers, on board the Mama Dina, Patagonia.

Yale grad student Madalyn Blondes, studying the Papoose Canyon eruption sequence, Big Pine Volcanic Field, CA.

Todd Ehlers with bunny ears (aren't I just hilarious?) in the Cascades.

Patrick Curtin, Gregory Sampson, me, and James Neid at Devil's Golfcourse, Death Valley, doing highly sophisticated geodetic measurements with state-of-the-art antennae. Photo by David Church.

Some of the people on a 2002 Yale fieldtrip near the great unconformity in the Grand Canyon; John Barbour, Mark Brandon, me, Matthias Bernet, Alana Kawakami, Jon Tomkin, Jane Hill, and Jeff Rahl.

Stefan Nicolescu, lab manager extraordinaire, with HeDWaY 2004 student Louise "Claire" Miltich.

John Chesley drinking a Sierra Nevada in the type location.

Mark Brandon explaining critical wedges to our tourguide in a Buddhist monastery, Puli Basin, Taiwan