Photos from February 2010 Huachucas/San Pedro (day) field trip

In February 2010, a bunch of us went to the Huachucas, Tombstone Hills, and San Pedro river, to help Courtney King (UA undergrad Geosciences major) collect samples for her SAGUARO research project. Helping lead the trip was Bill Dickinson. Other folks there were Devon Orme, Stuart Thomson, Willy Guenthner, Kendra Murray, Bill Reiners, Jackie Dickinson, and Benedetta Andreucci. Here are a few photos.

Courtney King and Devon Orme at the first sample--Proterozoic granitoid in some of the structurally lowest parts of the Huachucas. Click here for the movie version! Note immigration discard piles under hopbushes to right (lots around here).

Part of the group near the base of the Huachucas. Before we started getting pelted with rain and ice.

Devon and Willy decipher the Quaternary parasequences of the ancestral San Pedro.

Looking west into the range; this is old snow; a few hours later is was down to this location.

The road into Miller Canyon. Prominent cliff is the ol' Bolsa Quartzite (Cambrian, on top of Proterozoic granitoid, albeit in a Laramide fault contact (dipping towards us; perhaps reactivated as a normal fault in Miocene extension?).