A few shots from the February 2012 CIFAR Kohala field trip

In Feb 2012 CIFAR's Earth System Evolution Program held its meeting on the Big Island of Hawai'i. The Kohala Center helped organize a lot of it. We also had a great talk by erstwhile CIFAR member and now organic farmer Gerry Ross, of Kupa'a Farms. Lou Derry was our almost local host and fearless leader for much of it, but on the Kohala field trip we also had cameo appearances from geocelebrities Oliver Chadwick, Mike Garcia, and Alexandra Moore.

A beautiful morning near the top of Kohala volcano, looking at one of the ~100-200 ka Hawi vents (the post-shiled alkalic stage of Kohala).

View down into Pololu Valley, one of the deeply dissected and headward-erosionally ambitious valleys on Kohala's northeast side.

The group marveling at Lou Derry's masterful soil pit near the top of Kohala.

Taylor Perron holding forth on the dramatic origin of the north Kohala coast and the origin of the crazy long and deep valleys like Pololu and Waipio that cut into it.

Pedologist extraordinaire Oliver Chadwick near the Kohala summit.

Lou Derry digging a soil pit at the site of one of the world's largest dP/dx, where P=precip and x=horizontal distance.

Barely discernable (from this distance) ancient Hawai'ian agricultural terraces situated in the perfect range of soil conditions for sustainable ag.

Deep thoughts and finite element modeling by hand by Mark Jellinek and Kelin Whipple on the dry side (obviously) of Kohala.

View looking up the Pololu Valley. Broad flat alluvial plan on bottom and broad flat shield surface on top.

Oliver Chadwick expounding on the amazing smectiteless desert soils of Kohala.

Not Kohala, but the Puna coast. My new retirement aspiration.

Not Kohala again, but a gorgeous stand of koa trees near Volcano.