Daniel Evan Portner

My research interests are primarily focused on tectonic processes and mantle dynamics at all stages of the subduction cycle. As a seismologist, I use earthquake-generated waves to image the subsurface, providing insight into how the dynamic interactions between a subducting slab and the surrounding mantle can affect what we can see and feel on the surface, from earthquakes to volcanoes to orogenesis.

I am now in the fifth year of my Ph.D., studying Andean and Anatolian tectonics with Dr. Susan Beck and Dr. George Zandt in the Global Seismology and Tectonics lab at University of Arizona.

University of Arizona
Department of Geosciences
Global Seismology and Tectonics
Ph.D. Candidate

University of Arizona
1040 E. 4th St.
Tucson, AZ 85719

Office: GS 543