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Crystal Movies : View HERE

These are animated gif files that show crystal structures evolving as a function of pressure, temperature, chemistry, or orientation. A reference for creating these movies is:
Downs, R.T., and Heese, P.J. (2000) Animation of crystal structure variations with pressure, temperature and composition. Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, 41, High-Temperature and High-Pressure Crystal Chemistry, Robert M. Hazen and Robert T. Downs, Editors. Mineralogical Society of America, Washington DC.


XtalDraw: (Version January 23, 2004, contains updated XPow)

XtalDraw is interactive Windows-based software that draws crystal and molecular structures as ball and stick, polyhedral, and thermal ellipsoid representations. It comes with a large set of datafiles. Not only does it read the XtalDraw datafiles, but it can also read the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure DataBase datafiles. Download! This version of the software can also launch XPow when *.amc files have been read, so you do not need to download the XPow software. Gallery of images.

If you use WindowsXP and are having video problems, click here .


XPow: (Version January 23, 2004)

XPow is a program that plots theoretical diffraction patterns of crystalline materials in a Win95/98/NT enviroment. It reads datafiles with extension *.pow as well as the *.amc files from the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database . The XPow software is now packaged with the XtalDraw software and they are downloaded together.
Downs, R.T., Bartelmehs, K.L., Gibbs, G.V. and Boisen, M.B., Jr. (1993) Interactive software for calculating and displaying X-ray or neutron powder diffractometer patterns of crystalline materials. American Mineralogist , 78, 1104-1107.


Symmetry dll: (Version September 18, 2005)

Both Xpow and XtalDraw use the dynamic link library, called symmetry.dll, to obtain space group transformations. Symmetry.dll contains the transformation information for all space groups that are listed in the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database. It must be placed into the same directory as the Xpow and XtalDraw executables. Download the dll .


CrystalSleuth: [click here for more information]

CrystalSleuth, is capable of analyzing and manipulating both Raman and powder diffraction data sets. Utilizing robust routines, we remove background noise and cosmic ray events from patterns with a convenient interface that also permits comparison of multiple spectra. CrystalSleuth can automatically locate and store peak positions, refine the unit cell from powder diffraction patterns, as well as search/match by referencing peak positions against the online database. Download CrystalSleuth .

Laetsch T, Downs R (2006) Software For Identification and Refinement of Cell Parameters From Powder Diffraction Data of Minerals Using the RRUFF Project and American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Databases. Abstracts from the 19th General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association, Kobe, Japan, 23-28 July 2006.



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