Mineralogy and Crystallography
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Downs Research Group Ren Lu Bob Downs Jared Hamilton Mike Carducci Hexiong Yang Greg Schmidt Pat Mooney Justin Zwick SJ Gibson David Hubler Marcus Origlieri Kim Tait Jacque Reynard Karthik Shtam Krishnan Andy McCarthy Layne Trinkley Ashley Rice John Keogh Carla Eichler Amanda Biesemeyer Robert Dembowski Hinako Uchida Chen Li German Fong-Kee Jessica Gale Sue Robison

Photo of the Downs research group, January 2006.

Top row: Left to right: Ren Lu, Bob Downs, Jared Hamilton, Mike Carducci, Hexiong Yang, and Greg Schmidt.
Second row: Left to right: Patrick Mooney, Justin Zwick, SJ Gibson, David Hubler, Marcus Origlieri, Kim Tait, and Jacque Reynard.
Third row: Left to right: Karthik Shyam Krishnan, Andy McCarthy, Layne Trinkley, Ashley Rice, John Keogh, and Carla Eichler.
Bottom row: Left to right: Amanda Biesemeyer, Robert Dembowski, Hinako Uchida, Chen Li, German Fong-Kee, Jessica Gale, and Sue Robison.
Not pictured are: Nate Stone, Claire Landowski, Tom Coffey, Ben Kaur, Tom Laetsch, Rich Thompson, and Charles Prewitt.

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