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Video Link January 24, 2001
University of Arizona professor Robert Downs describes how his Raman spectrometer sniffed out some fake gold. Downs was interviewed by Arizona Daily Star reporter Jeannine Relly .
Downs describes the difference between a scientist and a gem show expert.
Downs demonstrates how the Raman spectrometer is used by taking a reading from a sample of wulfenite.
Downs explains how it is possible to make diamonds out of peanut butter, a trick first employed by General Electric in response to a lawsuit brought against them.
Downs talks about how the United Nations is using Raman spectrometer technology to trace the origins of, and therefore block the sale or trade of "blood diamonds."
University of Arizona graduate student Carolyn Pommier explains the significance of the Raman spectrometer to reporter Jeannine Relly.

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