Geos 306, Lecture 3
The Electronic Origins of Bonding

Chemical bonding

Types of bonds
        1. Ionic
        2. Metallic
        3. Covalent
        4. Polarized
        5. Hydrogen
        6. van der Waals
        7. Clathrate

Ionic Bonding
Compound T R
NaCl 801°C 0.95+1.81=2.76 Å
KCl 776°C 1.33+1.81=3.14 Å
RbCl 715°C 1.48+1.81=3.29 Å
Problem: Determine the spin diagrams for O2-, Si4+, Mg2+, Fe2+, Fe3+
Problem: Rank the sizes of Li, C, F, Na, Mg, S6+, S2-, Ti, Fe2+, Fe3+, Pb
Problem: What are the charges of the anionic groups: SiO4, AlO4, AlO6, SO4, PO4, MgO6, Fe2+O6, Fe3+O6

Suggested Reading: Wenk and Bulakh, 12-22; Klein, 53-57; Nesse, 46-56