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Jesse McCraw - BS '18

Jesse is now a PhD student in the Department of Earth Sciences at Syracuse University, and was featured in the Fall 2019 alumni magazine. Jesse wrote,"The first year of my program was full of lots of interesting courses in EAR and in the Bio department of SU and ESF. I've been working on paleoclimate reconstructions from a fossilized Galapagos coral that lived during the Little Ice Age as a continuation of my undergraduate research. I'm collaborating with folks in the department to grow and develop that project, trying to tease out a relationship between environmental proxies and the growth rate of the coral, particularly in the context of El Niño. This coming year, I'm really excited to be a TA, finish my coral project, and start thinking about future sclerochronological work on extinct cephalopods from the Mesozoic."



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Copper Blues Rock Pub & Kitchen, Phoenix, AZ

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