Research | Tectonics

Student doing field work in snowy fieldTectonics is the study of the evolution of the continental crust. Our research interests range from shallow-level crustal processes to deep-crustal and upper mantle tectonics. A largely unresolved problem in geology is the role of deeper crustal layers during orogenic events. Much of our current efforts are aimed at deciphering the deep-crustal composition of island and continental arcs, the tectonic processes involved in arc buildup such as the mechanisms of crustal thickening, and the relevance of associated magmatic processes to continental growth.


Susan Beck - Seismology and tectonics
Barbara Carrapa - Sedimentary geology and low-T thermochronology
George Davis - Structure, tectonics
Peter DeCelles - Sedimentology, tectonics, regional structure
Mihai Ducea - Tectonics
George Gehrels - Tectonics, geochronology
Paul Kapp - Structure, tectonics  
Ananya Mallik- experimental petrology, geochemistry, subduction zone magmatic processes 
Peter Reiners - Geochemistry, thermochronology, applications in earth & planetary science
George Zandt - Geophysics, tectonics (Emeritus)
Pranabendu Moitra – Volcanology, fluid dynamics

Faculty with related interests
Roy Johnson - Reflection seismology, crustal and lithospheric structure
Jonathan Patchett (Emeritus) - Radiogenic isotopes

Jay Quade - Soil geochemistry

Facilities, Equipment, and Resources