Support for student scholarships and fellowships is particularly important right now. Consider helping an undergraduate or graduate student with research or summer assistantships. Donors of scholarship funds receive updates from students on a semesterly basis, including updates on current research projects and pictures from the field. Read about one student's scholarship experience below.


The Sulzer scholarship has been of great value for the development of both my Ph.D. research as well as the organization of our department’s own student-run symposium, GeoDaze. Your generous donation has allowed me to focus on my academic research as well as helping the Geosciences Department keep the tradition of showcasing the hard work our students do. I really appreciate your help and thank you again for your support.  (April 2019)

— Pablo Martinez Sosa, PhD Student and Scholarship Recipient 



Bert S. Butler Graduate Scholarship
Student qualifications include character, ability, and financial need.

Chernoff Family Field Experiences Scholarship
Supports grads/undergrad students conducting or participating in field studies.

Cranwell-Smith Graduate Scholarship
Supports students studying palyonology.

David Moore Undergraduate Scholarship
Supports students contributing to field geology.

Diane C. Ferris Undergraduate Scholarship
Supports students attending Summer Field Camp.

Dr. H. Wesley Peirce and Maxine W. Peirce Graduate Scholarship
Supports students involved in field work focused on Arizona or Southwestern geology.

Evans B. Mayo Undergraduate Scholarship
Supports students studying structural geology.

George H. Davis Undergraduate Research Fund
Provides support for undergraduate participation in Geosciences Department research.

J. David Lowell Graduate Scholarship
Supports students pursuing an advanced degree in economic geology.

John & Nancy Sumner Scholarship
Supports grads/undergrad students in geophysics.

Kartchner Caverns Scholarship
Supports grads/undergrad students in Geosciences.

Keith L. Katzer Graduate Scholarship
Supports students studying Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology.

Kenneth A. Lovstrom Undergraduate Scholarship
Supports students majoring in Geochemistry.

Marie S. Pearthree Summer Research Scholarship
Supports graduate and undergraduate students pursuing summer research.

Maxwell N. Short Graduate/Senior Scholarship
Supports students studying the geology of the Southwest or Northern Mexico.

Orlo E. Childs Undergraduate Scholarship
Supports students studying the Colorado Plateau or the Rocky Mountain Region.

Paul E. Damon Geochronology Scholarship
Supports grad/undergrad students studying geochronology.

Paul S. Martin Scholarship
Supports grad/undergrad students in Quaternary studies.

Peter J. Coney Graduate Scholarship
Supports students pursuing an advanced degree in structural tectonics.

Spencer R. Titley Graduate Scholarship
Supports students studying the geology of mineral, groundwater, or energy resources, or planetary geology.

Summer Field Camp Support
Support for all costs and expenses related to field camp. May also be used for field camp scholarships.

Tiger Scholarship Fund
Designed to attract and retain top undergraduate students.

William R. Dickinson Field Trip Support
Supports field trips for grad/undergrad students.

Wilson Thompson Graduate Scholarship
Supports students interested in environmental studies.


1. Gifts can be made online at non-Foundation gifts, please select "Other - Please Specify" and note which fund you would like to support.

2. Gifts in the form of checks can be made payable to University of Arizona Foundation/Geosciences or University of Arizona/Geosciences. To determine who to make your check payable to, please see this PDF file. Checks can be mailed to:

                     Development Office
                     Department of Geosciences
                     University of Arizona
                     PO Box 210077
                     Tucson, AZ 85721
Gifts are 100% tax deductible. Please note that gifts of $1,000 and more incur a 6% fee from the University of Arizona Foundation.