Research | Sedimentology & Stratigraphy

Base camp in TibetResearch in tectonics and sedimentation is ongoing in many areas, including central and southern Asia (Tibet and Nepal), the central Andes (Bolivia), western North America, eastern Africa, and the central Mediterranean. Research focuses on various types of sedimentary basins and their tectonic mechanisms of formation.


Barbara Carrapa - Sedimentary geology, low-T thermochronology
Andrew Cohen - Stratigraphy, paleobiology
Peter DeCelles - Sedimentology, tectonics, basin analysis
Paul Kapp - Structure, tectonics

Faculty with related interests
George Gehrels - tectonics, geochronology
Jon Pelletier - Geomorphology
Jay Quade - Soil geochemistry


Facilities, Equipment, and Resources

  • Petrographic microscopes
  • Complete “dirty” lab, with facilities for analyzing and separating sedimentary rocks and sediments.
  • X-Ray diffractometry
  • SEM
  • Stable Isotopes
  • Radiogenic Isotopes
  • Particle size analysis