Current Seismic Activity

These seismograms display the vertical component of the broadband channel of station TUC. The digitizer samples activity 20 times per second. There are three images available.

What is the difference between the following 3 seismograms?

BHZ Non-filtered
This displays the recent broadband vertical data.

Vertical long period.
This displays the recent long-period data which will clearly display large (M>5.5) earthquakes.

Vertical short period.
This displays the recent high-frequency data. This record is a fantastic example of mining activity around Tucson.

The images are updated every 5-10 minutes.

If there is no image, it may be that a new image is under construction. Try waiting a 15-30 seconds, and then reload this page. .

The seismogram display software was developed by Steve Sorenson.