E.C. LaRue

Chief hydrologist at the USGS in the early 1900s, E.C. LaRue documented and studied all dam sites on the Colorado River. Below are some of images from his reports.

Plan of Development of Colorado River between Grand Canyon National Park and Parker, AZ (1916).

Approximate profile of Green, Grand, and Colorado Rivers (1916).

Chart showing daily height of Colorado River at Yuma, AZ (1916).

Hinojosa Images

Two subsampled  false color landsat images of  the lower Colorado river delta that capture a drought in May 24 and 25 1990, and the maximum inundation recorded by Landsat from scenes of  June 9th and April 13th 1984 caused by abnormal snowmelt  in the upper basin.  The extent of the inundation in the lower delta was  2,500 km2  . The reason for two dates to create a snapshots, is that two Landsat  scenes from  different orbits (dates)  are needed to capture the entire lower delta.

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1984 preview 1990 preview

Also see: 1972-2002 Colorado River Delta Timelapse

For more information contact Alejandro Hinojosa, CICESE research center in Ensenada, Baja California (alhinc@cicese.mx)

Bowen Panoramas

6 aerial panoramas rendered from an altitude of 10,000 meters, using 14.25m/pixel resolution data.

All images generated and © by Dr. William Bowen, California Geographical Survey, Northridge, CA (vccsc05q@csun.edu)

Also see:Bowen Streaming Videos


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These videos were made using Google Earth Pro by Karen Hyun on March 22, 2007.

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