Paleo-Asian oceanic slab under the North China craton revealed by carbonatites derived from subducted limestones


Chen, Chunfei
Liu, Yongsheng
Foley, Stephen F.
Ducea, Mihai N.
He, Detao; Hu, Zhaochu; Chen, Wei and Zong; Keqing

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Figure 1. A: Tectonic framework of the study area (modified from Windley et al., 2010). CAOB—Central Asian orogenic belt; QDSOB—Qinling-Dabie-Sulu orogenic belt. B: Field appearance of the carbonatite intrusion. C: Residual olivine (Ol) xenocryst partly resorbed by carbonatite melt. SC—sparry calcite; CM—carbonate matrix. D: Monomineralic aggregates consist of interlocking calcite grains.

Publication Listing

GEOLOGY, December 2016; v. 44; no. 12; p. 1039–1042 | Data Repository item 2016347 | doi:10.1130/G38365.1 |