Diffusion kinetics of lutetium in diopside and the effect of thermal metamorphism on Lu–Hf systematics in clinopyroxene


Bloch, Elias
Watkins, James
and Ganguly, Jibamitra










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Fig. 8. Model simulations for the development of pyroxene-bulk-rock Lu–Hf isochrons of Millbillillie and Piplia Kalan. A: Millbillillie. Solid lines show the modeled 176Hf/177Hf vs. 176Lu/177Hf evolution of whole rock and pyroxene. Arrows indicate periods of closed system evolution (unlabeled) or diffusive exchange. Composite (comp), ilmenite (ilm), plagioclase (plag), pyroxene (pyx) and whole-rock (WR) data are from Bast et al. (2012). B: Enlarged plot showing the data reported by Bast et al. (2012) and the numerically calculated isochron. C and D: Model simulations for the eucrite Piplia Kalan. Arrows and data abbreviations are the same as in A and B.

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Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 204 (2017) 32–51