Holly Thomas

I’m a second-year MSc student working alongside Marcus Lofverstrom in his Earth System Dynamics lab. I began my work here following a B.S. at the University of Maine, where I worked with Gordon Bromley. 

Broadly, I’m interested in how extreme weather and precipitation events will manifest as the climate state evolves. My current work is inspired by the “2021 Texas Cold Snap”, a dramatic and damaging weather event thought to be set in motion by a sudden stratospheric warming event - or “polar vortex.” I’m investigating how well our highest-performing climate models capture the dynamics of these events as compared to reanalysis (real world) data and, if poorly, what the implications of that may be for extreme weather preparedness. 

I’m also passionate about stakeholder-engaged and transdisciplinary research. This begins with fostering a better understanding among the scientific community (especially climate scientists) of how we can be more equitable, inclusive, and effective in our generation and dissemination of knowledge.

When I’m not in front of a computer screen, I like to read things, cook things, grow things, care for the things I grow, and move myself around on yoga mats or trails!


Marcus Lofverstrom