Laboratory of Paleolimnology

What is Paleolimnology? 

Paleolimnology is the study of lakes of the past.

We use paleolimnological approaches to investigate everything from how local watersheds have responded in the recent past to human impacts to patterns of global change.

Paleolimnology involves a wide range of approaches to achieving these goals, including the study of sediments, erosional features left by past lakes, fossils, and geophysical data obtained from surveys of lake floors.

Facilities, Equipment, and Resources

  • SEM/EDS laboratory (Cambridge 120H Stereoscan)
  • OPTIMAS-based Image Analysis facility
  • Cold core storage facility
  • A wide variety of limnological and coring sampling equipment
  • Processing and analytical equipment for studying fossil aquatic invertebrates and pollen and lacustrine sediments
  • Reference collections for fossil and recent aquatic invertebrates and pollen


Contact Us

Andrew Cohen
Professor and Lab Director
Laboratories-Gould Simpson Bldg. 330 and 374
Cohen Office: Gould-Simpson Bldg. 325
Phone: 520-621-4691
Fax: 520-621-2672