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Nyanza Project Publications

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(* indicates Nyanza student author/coauthors)

Adams, D.D. and Ochola*, S., 2002. "A Review Of Sediment Gas Cycling In Lakes With Reference To Lake Victoria And Sediment Gas Measurements In Lake Tanganyika." In Odada, E. and Olago, D. (eds.) The East African Great Lakes: Limnology, Paleolimnology and Biodiversity, Kluwer Academic Press.

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Alin, S.R.*, and Cohen, A.S., 2003. "Lake-level history of Lake Tanganyika, East Africa, for the past 2500 years based on ostracode-inferred water-depth reconstruction." Palaeogeology, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 199:31-49.

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Bellinger, B.J.*, Cocquyt, C., and O’Reilly, C.M., in press. "Benthic diatoms as indicators of eutrophication in tropical streams. Hydrobiologia."

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Cohen A.S., Palacios-Fest, M.R., Msaky, E.S., Alin*, S.R., McKee, B., O’Reilly, C.M.*, Dettman, D.L., Nkotagu, H.H., and Lezzar, K.E. 2005. "Paleolimnological investigations of anthropogenic environmental change in Lake Tanganyika: IX. Summary of paleorecords of environmental change and catchment deforestation at Lake Tanganyika and impacts on the Lake Tanganyika ecosystem." Journal of Paleolimnology, 34:125-145.

Cohen, A.S., Lezzar, K.E., Cole, J., Dettman,D., Ellis, G.S.*, Eagle Gonneea, M.*, Plisnier, P.D., Langenberg, V., Blaauw, M., and Derrick Zilifi* 2006. "Late Holocene linkages between decade-century scale climate variability and productivity at Lake Tanganyika, Africa." in pressDOI 10.1007/s10933-006-9004-y.

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Kingma, I. and Michel, E. 2000. "Variation in reproductive strategies in the ovoviviparous genus Lavigeria (Gastropoda: Thiaridae) from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa." (in Dutch). Corresp. Blad Ned. Malac. Ver., 312:15-24.

Lezzar, K.E., Tiercelin, J.J., Le Turdu, C., Cohen, A.S., Reynolds, D.J., Le Gall, B. and Scholz, C.A. 2002. "Control of normal fault interaction on the distribution of major Neogene sedimentary depocenters, Lake Tanganyika, East African Rift." AAPG Bulletin, 86:1027-1059.

Marijnissen, S.A.E.*, Schram, F.R., Cumberlidge, N. and Michel, E., 2004. "Two new species of Platytelphusa A. Milne Edwards, 1887 (Decapoda, Potamoidea, Platytelphusidae) and comments on the taxonomic position of P. denticulate Capart 1952 from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa." Crustaceana 77:513-532.

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McIntyre, P.B.*, Michel, E., France, K.*, Rivers, A.*, Hakizimana, P.* and Cohen, A.S. 2005. "Individual-and Assemblage-Level Effects of Anthropogenic Sedimentation on Snails in Lake Tanganyika: comparing individual and assemblage level measures." Conservation Biology, 19:171-181.

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O’Reilly, C.A*., Plisnier, P.D., Cohen, A.S. and Alin, S.R.*, 2004, Reply to “Climate change not shown to affect Lake Tanganyika,” Brief Communications Arising. Nature, doi: 10.1038/nature02737.

Palacios-Fest, M.R., Cohen, A.S., Lezzar, K.E., Nahimana, L., and Tanner, B.M., 2005. "Paleolimnological investigations of anthropogenic environmental change in Lake Tanganyika: III. Physical stratigraphy and charcoal analysis." Journal of Paleolimnology, 34:31-49.

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Plisnier P.D. 2002b (in press). "Recent climate and limnology changes in Lake Tanganyika.,' Verhandlungen Internationale Vereinigung für theoretische und angewandte Limnologie.

Sako, A., MacLeod,K.G., and O’Reilly, C.M., (in press). "Oxygen and carbon stable isotopic compositions of Lates stappersii from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa." Journal of Great Lakes Research.

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West, K., and Michel, E., 2000, The Dynamics of Endemic Diversification: Molecular Phylogeny Suggests an Explosive Origin of the Thiarid Gastropods of Lake Tanganyika. In A. Rossiter and H. Kawanabe, (eds.) Advances in Ecological Research, 31, Biology of Ancient Lakes: Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution, Academic Press, London, pp. 331-354.

In Review

Michel. E., J. Chan*, and P.B. McIntyre*, (submitted). "A Snail’s Pace in a Snail’s Space: Sex- and species-specific adult movement rates of Lavigeria gastropods (Caenogastropoda, ‘Thiaridae’) in Lake Tanganyika, East Africa." Journal of Molluscan Studies.

In Preparation for May 2006 submissions

McIntyre, P.B.* "Rates, sources, ecosystem significance, and sources of nutrient recycling by littoral fishes in Lake Tanganyika. Ecology."

McIntyre, P.B.*, Flecker, A.S., Vanni, M.J., and L. Jones. "Species extinctions, overfishing, and nutrient cycling in tropical freshwaters." Proc. Nat. Sci.


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