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Past Nyanza Projects

Project Titles from 1998-2007

Adobe AcrobatThe texts for all of the student extended abstracts (except one)are available in Adobe Acrobat format (listed from the most recent). Clicking on the title of an abstract will prompt the download to begin; please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat installed in order to be able to properly view and print these files.

2007 -----------------------------

Anderson, C. The Role of Lake Tanganyika’s Demersal Fishery and Biology of a Species abundant in the Catch.

Bisbee, G. and Holzer, K. Crabs, waves, and snails: testing for adaptations in the dangerous benthos.

Guerra, W. A comparison of deltaic structure in forested and deforested watersheds
using high-resolution bathymetric surveys.

Helfrich, M. and Rashid, M. A Comparison Study of Grain Size Distribution and Mineralogical Analysis of  Sandy Sediments between Kasekera Stream (Forested) and Mtanga Stream (Deforested) as Related to On Shore and Near Shore Environments: Lake Tanganyika, East Africa.

Hohoff, T. Climate Change Impacts on the Biological Parameters of the Pelagic Zone of Lake Tanganyika.

Husson, J.  and Romano, A. Comparing organic carbon, carbonate content and fine grain fractions of Mtanga and Kasekera river sediments.

Keating, C. and Wing, D. Diving into the Unknown World of Soft Substrate Snails.           

Long, D. and Lara, G. An evaluation of niche and neutral theories using the gastropod
community distribution in Lake Tanganyika.

Maqway, M. and Parrish, A. A Comparative Study of Land Use Impacts on Biological, Chemical, and Physical Characteristics of two stream reaches on the Northeastern Shore of Lake Tanganyika.

Mayes, M. Exploring Diatom Assemblages and Depositional Patterns in Two Lake Tanganyika Watersheds.

Mbonde, A. Effects of bottom gillnetting on demersal fish species and the biology of
an abundant benthic cichlid, Limnotilapia darndennei, in Kigoma Bay,
Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania.

Mietzelfeld, M. Nitrate, phosphate, and ammonium uptake: a nutrient addition experiment in an
East African stream.

Nyimbo, M. The impact of climate change in Lake Tanganyika by using physical parameters.

Sipahioglu, S. Deforestation impacts and small-scale variation in ostracode distributions
on the Mtanga and Kasekara River deltas, northeastern Lake Tanganyika.

Uwesu, M and Athuman Y. The effects of deforestation on tropical freshwater streams: A comparison of stream geomorphology and coarser clastic particles distribution between Kasekera watershed
(forested) and Mtanga watershed (deforested), Lake Tanganyika, East Africa.

West, D. The effect of macro-invertebrate activity on leaf decomposition in a tropical African stream.

2006 -----------------------------

Allen, K., Gunderson, K. Berke, M. and Mcheni. M. Lake Tanganyika paleoclimate and deforestation impacts inferred from sediment core data

Astley. E. Offshore bathymetric mapping at the mouth of the forested Kalande and deforested Ngelwa watersheds, Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania: Influence of rift tectonics on sedimentary pathways and accumulations

Castañeda. O. and O’Connell. C. Characterizing Molluscan Shell Accumulations:  Ecological, Depositional and Taphonomic Variations on the Northern Luiche River Platform

Collins, S. and Hopper, J.  Co-evolution or easy exploitation?  Trematode prevalence, diversity and lifecycles in endemic gastropods of Lake Tanganyika, East Africa.

Famida R. Variation with time of physical- chemical parameters and nutrients in pelagic zone of Lake Tanganyika: (Kigoma Bay).

Forsyth, J.  Leaf breakdown and retention of four different sized leaf species in Rutanga Stream, Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania.

Jankowski, K. Comparative analysis of organic matter and carbonate mineral distribution in shallow water surface sediments off the forested Kalande and deforested Ngelwa watersheds entering Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania.

Kalangali, A. N. M. Demersal Fish Resources from Test Gill Netting in Lake Tanganyika, around Kigoma Town, Tanzania.

Lowe, B. A Survey of the Demersal Fishery in the Kigoma Area.

Magazi, M. Relationship between total organic matter and grain size in forested (Kalande) and deforested (Ngelwa) area.

Mischler, J. Shell Beds of the Northern Luiche Platform:  Spatial Extent and Faunal Composition

Moreno, E. The distribution of Clastic Particles across the Littoral Zone of the Forested Kalande Stream and the Deforested Ngelwa Stream.

Msabi M., &  Mrutu, A. The geochemistry of interstitial water from shallow and offshore environments at Bulombola Bay in Lake Tanganyika.

Palke, A.  Effects of Deforestation on Tropical Freshwater Streams: A Study of Coarse Grain Size Distribution in Streambed Sediments.

Schmitz, J.  A comparison of nutrient concentrations and suspended matter along two stream reaches, forested and deforested, in northwestern Tanzania.

Strickler, M.  Effects of local farming and deforestation on tropical freshwater streams: A comparison of stream geomorphology and fine clastic particle size, distribution, and water column suspension in Kalande Stream (forested) and Ngelwa Stream (deforested), Lake Tanganyika, East Africa.

Wilton, C. Leaf preference and choice of the macroinvertebrate shredder Potomonautes emini in Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania.


2005 -----------------------------

Paleoclimatology-Limnogeology: "Section Overview - Introduction"

Callier, V. "The structure of morphological variation: Morphometric analysis of variation in four endemic Lake Tanganyika gastropod species"

Close, S. "Nutrient dynamics of Lake Tanganyika"

Fuller, M. "Characterization and comparison of benthic macroinvertebrate communities in small streams of forested and deforested catchments bordering Lake Tanganyika"

Hartwell, R. & Daudi, F. "Kigoma Bay and Luiche Platform surficial sediment particle size analysis"

Hubbard, A. "Fossil ostracode taphonomy and abundance in Tafiri Bay, Lake Tanganyika: Implications for lake-level reconstruction"

Jimenez, G. "Distribution of organic matter and carbonate minerals in surface sediments of Tafiri Bay and the Luiche Platform, Lake Tanganyika: Implications for paleoclimate reconstruction"

Kivyiro, A. "A comparison of the physical-chemical limnology in the pelagic water of Lake Tanganyika at Kigoma Bay and Kitwe Point"

McGlue, M., Mischler, J. & Hartwell, R. "Fossil shell accumulations in Lake Tanganyika I: Styles of deposition across Kigoma Bay and the Luiche River Platform II: Constraining recent environmental change using comparative taphonomic analysis"

Nestory, P., "The relationships between pelagic fish catch rates and oxycline depth in Kigoma Bay, Lake Tanganyika"

Powers, L. "An examination of factors controlling biogenic silica preservation in modern sediments from east-central Lake Tanganyika, East Africa"

Ramos, M. "Fossil diatom communities in Tafiri Bay: Implications for lake-level reconstruction"

Remigius, G. "The evaluation of pore water biogeochemistry at Kigoma Bay, Lake Tanganyika"

Saroni, J. "Historical and modern repeat photographic documentation of vegetation and land use change around Kigoma, western Tanzania"

Shineni, R. "Impacts of land use change on the water chemistry and physical parameters of tropical streams on the northeast shore of Lake Tanganyika"

Smith, G. "Kigoma Bay bathymetry, sediment distribution and fault mapping"

Smith, K. "Cryptic Creepers - A diversity study of encrusting bryozoans in the littoral zone of Lake Tanganyika"

Souers, J. "Discharge of forested and deforested watersheds on the northeastern shores of Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania"

Stoll, J. & Miller, S. "A comparison of streambed composition within forested and deforested watersheds of Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania"

Wagner, C. "The structure of variation in endemics: genetics and morphology of littoral fish and gastropods"

Weier, T. "Shedding light on the cryptic underbelly of Lake Tanganyika's benthos: New environmental indicators and potential paleoenvironmental proxies among sponges"

Yohannes, L. "Epilithic algal productivity and biomass in streams of contrasting land use patterns on the northeastern shore of Lake Tanganyika"

Zhang, L. "Modeling the heat flux and wind turbulence in Lake Tanganyika"


2004 -----------------------------

Athuman, D. "Size and shape variation in Lavigeria nasssa in relation to parasitism and site differences: A multivariate morphometric approach"

Bharmal, S.M. & Laurent, F.L. "Nutrient assessment from sediment pore waters at Kigoma Bay, Lake Tanganyika"

Bosworth, V., Felton, A. & Wetter, L. "Paleoclimatic reconstruction based upon a sediment core from the Kalya region, Lake Tanganyika, East Africa"

Corman, J. "A littoral survey in Lake Tanganyika: Spatiotemporal variations in nutrient concentrations, phytoplankton biomass and bathymetry near the Kigoma Region"

Graham, B. "Indirect and direct effects of fish herbivory on nitrogen cycling in nearshore Lake Tanganyika"

Helfrich, L.C., Torrado, M., Gans, C. & Chororoka, K. "A high resolution seismic study of the Kalya horst and platform: Long term paleoclimate drilling site survey in central Lake Tanganyika" (12 MB)

Hintz, T. "Nutrient recycling by Tropheus brichardi across a littoral productivity gradient in Lake Tanganyika"

Huntington, B. "Do gastropod abundances and distributions vary in relation to primary productivity and site complexity?"

Kuboja, B. "A short term study on vertical distribution of phytoplankton biomass and nutrients in the pelagic zone in Lake Tanganyika"

Meyer, J. "Similar snails sitting on the same rocks - a case for neutral species distributions? A study of littoral snail communities in Lake Tanganyika"

Mgana, H. "Estimation of fish abundance and catches in littoral habitats of Kigoma Bay"

Muthukrishnan, R. "What do worms want? Geographic variation and habitat correlations of trematode parasites in the gastropod Lavigeria nassa"

Peter, H.K. "Fecundity and egg sizes of pelagic fishes, Stolothrissa tanganicae and Limnothrissa miodon in relation to size of the fish"

Robinson, K. "Preliminary investigation of diatom flora distribution in transitional sediment sequences as a possible indicator of annual to decadal precipitation fluctuations"

Sapp, J. "The Dirt on snails: An experimental test of the effects of fine sediments on snail mortality"

Steinkamp, M. "Diatoms are cool, yet do they indicate dramatic climate shifts during the Holocene, or are they just full of silica?"

Thoms, T. "Spatial variation in productivity and nutrient limitation of benthic algae"

Todd-Pearson, S.-A. "Around the whorl in 18 days: a comparison of growth rates for four species of Lavigeria in the Kigoma area of Lake Tanganyika"

Wheeler, C.W. "Bathymetric variability within the Kigoma Bay region"


2003 -----------------------------

Apolkarpi, J. "Determination of Carbonate and Organic Matter in Kigoma Bay and Luiche Platform Cores, Lake Tanganyika, East African Rift Valley"

Athuman, C. "Physical parameters as indicators of upwelling in the pelagic zone of Lake Tanganyika"

Barrett, M., Bishobibiri, A.B. and Catron, J. "Why do Tanganyikan gastropods have patchy distributions? Abundance, Diversity, and Species Distribution in relation to Abiotic and Biotic Parameters"

Bellinger, B. "Lotic Diatoms as Environmental Indicators for Modern and Paleo Studies"

Bowerman, N. "Coring for climate: Grain-size analyses of lake sediments, Kigoma Bay, Lake Tanganyika, East African Rift Valley"

Burce, A. "Nutrient Limitation in Tropical Streams of Tanzania"

Currano, E. "When a geology project becomes chemistry: the carbonate vs. diatom content of surface sediments from Lake Tanganyika"

Gilbert, D. "Impact of Sediment Pollution on the Littoral Zone of Lake Tanganyika: A Case Study of Two Cichlid Fish, Petrochromis polyodon and Tropheus brichardi"

Kennedy, D. "Establishing chironomids as paleo-indicators for Lake Tanganyika: a preliminary qualitative assessment of chironomid distribution in the Kigoma Bay Region"

Kyando, F. "Assessment of Nutrients and Physical Parameter Distribution as Indicators of the Kandaga Shallow Closed Lake Fluctuations"

Lombardozzi, D. "The Effects of Deforestation on Nutrient Concentrations in Tributaries of Lake Tanganyika"

Mallya, Y. "Diatoms as indicator for climate change of the last 200+ years on Lake Tanganyika, Kigoma, Tanzania"

Meeker, C. "Diatoms and climate change - The use of diatom analysis in reconstructing Late Holocene climate for Kigoma Region, Tanzania"

Merriam, L. "Nutrient response to dry season upwelling in the pelagic zone of Lake Tanganyika"

Mutatina, A. "An experimental test of the effects of sedimentation on Lake Tanganyika rocky shore gastropod survivorship"

Swarthout, R. "Impact of deforestation on benthic macroinvertebrate communities in tributaries of Lake Tanganyika, East Africa"

Wagner, C. "Signals in the Shells: (Part I) Morphology and Life History of a Species Flock of Lake Tanganyikan Gastropods (Part II) Preliminary results of calcein techniques for marking shell deposition - a first step in unlocking the environmental signal in Tanganyikan Gastropod shells"


2002 -----------------------------

Caruso, B. "A survey comparing streams from forested and deforested watersheds to assess impact of land use change on the northeastern shore of Lake Tanganyika"

Chan, J. "A Snail's Pace in a Snail's Space: Adult movement rates of Lavigeria gastropods in Lake Tanganyika, East Africa"

Faloon, K. "Trematode parasite prevalence in Lavigeria: The effects of sedimentation, depth, size and species"

Kimaru, J. and Msafiri, M. "Line fishing in relation to limnological parameters in Kigoma Bay"

Kinyanjui, D. "Soft substrate mollusc species distribution on the Luiche platform, with implications for lake level and paleoecological reconstruction"

Lewis, C. "Elucidating the interplay between tectonic and climatic controls on modern depositional processes in the Luiche delta"

Makililo, F. "An inquiry into suspended matter in the Luiche and Malagarasi Rivers: Provenance and pathways to Lake Tanganyika, East Africa"

McAndrew, P. "Pelagic nutrient profiles and bacterial diversity in Lake Tanganyika"

Morgan, L. "Tectonic controls of sedimentary pathways and depocenters: Canyon conveyor belts and ridge rubbish on the Luiche River Platform Margin, Lake Tanganyika"

Muller, P. "An examination of microbiological water quality in Kigoma, Tanzania using a test for the presence of H2S-producing bacteria"

Ngonyani, C. "Preliminary investigation of physical chemical characteristics (limnological parameters) of the lower Malagarasi wetland and upper Luiche River waters"

Olsgard, M. "Preliminary investigation of nutrient-limited benthic algal productivity using in-situ chamber incubations"

Powers, L. "Substrate preference and microhabitat use among gastropods of Lake Tanganyika"

Rosales, A. "Snail susceptibility to crab predation: a case study of co-evolution from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa"

Rost, C. "A preliminary investigation of the epizooitic algae present on Lavigeria snails in the littoral region of Lake Tanganyika"

Sako, A. "Dynamics of two clupeid species and L. stappersii in Lake Tanganyika: Use of trace elements and rare earth element chemistry of otoliths"

Sapp, J. "The Dirt on Fish: Effects of Anthropogenic Sedimentation on Fish Behavior and Nutrition"

Van Alstine, J. "Relationship of ostracode abundance and taphonomy to environmental variables on the Luiche delta platform, Lake Tanganyika, East Africa"

William, E. "Spatial relationship of grain size and coarse sediment mineralogy on the shallow Luiche delta platform and its river streams"


2001 -----------------------------

Allgeier, J. "A preliminary investigation of vertical migration and temporal changes in abundance of pelagic zooplankton during the day and night off Kigoma Bay"

Balch, D. "Reconstructing past environments: Paleoecological transfer functions"

Brislen, M. "Bathymetry and structure of the Kalya Horst region, South Basin, Lake Tanganyika"

Fingerman, K. "Preliminary investigation of the effects of some limnological parameters on vertical, horizontal, and temporal changes in ash-free biomass of pelagic plankton"

Gathogo, P. "Characterization of near-shore substrate along the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika at the Kigoma area, western Tanzania"

Hartwell, R. and Guiles, K. "Comparison of stratigraphic records between contrasting depositional environments from the North and South Mahale Mountains, Lake Tanganyika, East Africa"

Hinkley, K. "Growth and development of scar tissue in Lavigeria Gastropod shells of Lake Tanganyika, East Africa"

Isumbisho, P and Raini, J. "A preliminary investigation of pelagic primary production in the Kigoma area, Lake Tanganyika"

Makala, N. "Investigation of limnological parameters in relation to composition of fish catches in Lake Tanganyika in the Kigoma area"

Masatu, P. "Sedimentologic analysis of the Kalya and Sibwesa beaches, Lake Tanganyika"

McIntyre, P. "Nyanza Project graduate student's report"

Mwakosya, C. "An investigation of the effect of zooplankton abundance on the fish catches, Lake Tanganyika (Kigoma, Tanzania)"

Ochola, S. "Sediment gas studies related to methane and carbon dioxide in Lake Tanganyika: Comparitive core investigations on the Kalya Horst and Slope"

Rivers, A. "The effect of sediment deposition on gastropod fecal content"

Smith, F. "A preliminary investigation of some chemical and physical profiles of Lake Tanganyika"

Socci, A. "Interspecific differences in snail susceptibility to crab predation at Jakobsen's Beach, Lake Tanganyika"

Solomon, C. "Trophic ecology of the benthic littoral of Lake Tanganyika: The role of grazers in determining algal biomass and productivity"

Wekesa, C. "An integrated survey of local knowledge in resource utilization and management in relation to climatic and land use changes in Kigoma Area, Lake Tanganyika"


2000 -----------------------------

Adams, H.E. and Charles, R.M. "A preliminary investigation of lake stability and chemical analysis of deep waters of Kigoma sub-basin (northern basin) and the Kalemie sub-basin (southern basin) of Lake Tanganyika"

Baldwin,S. "A Preliminary Investigation on Turbidity and Chlorophyll-A patchiness in Lake Tanganyika, Kigoma Bay"

Blikshteyn, M. "Vertical distribution and light effect on zooplankton density in relationship to fish catch"

Busane Basima, L. "Investigation sur la variabilité du zooplancton en relation avec l’environnement limnologique et les captures des poissons"

Hakizimana, P. "La proportion de la matiere organique et extraction de la Chlorophylle a dans les sediments des eaux polluees: Sites de Hilltop et Kalalangabo, Lac Tanganyika"

Henderson, A. and Gans, C. "Bathymetric Survey and Structural Models of Kalya Ridge, South Basin, Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania"

Kimirei, I.A. and Nahimana, D. "A study of limnological parameters at one site in Lake Tanganyika, Kigoma Bay"

Majambere, S. "The karyotype of Lates stappersi (Teleostei: Centripomidae): Preliminary results for a Lake Tanganyika endemic predator"

Menone, C. "Snail diversity and abundance at sediment disturbed and undisturbed sites around Kigoma, Tanzania"

Michelo, M. and Chororoka, K. "Analytical study of a finely laminated core in central Lake Tanganyika Basin (Kalya slope): variation of annual laminae-couplets and distribution of diatom populations"

Miller, S. and Mulongaibalu, M. "Does cichlid predation affect gastropod reproductive strategies? Feeding choice of Neolamprologus tretocephalus on two Lavigeria species"

Miller, S. "Herbivores and periphyton: Littoral zone interactions in Lake Tanganyika"

Mulongaibalu, M. "Effet des sédiments exogènes sur la communauté littorale benthique au Lac Tanganyika: Cas de Petrochromis spp et Tropheus ssp (Cichlidae) "

Phifer, M. "Scarring and sculptured shells: Crab impacts on morphology of Lavigeria in Lake Tanganyika"

Phiri, A. "Life history strategies in the gastropod genus Lavigeria. Differences in brood and embryo sizes"

Ramadhani, S. "Nutrient distribution in relation to hydrodynamic changes and primary production a temporary study at Kigoma station"

Shick, K. and Flaccus, C. "Malagarasi River Delta Sedimentology: Evidence of Lake Level Changes in Lake Tanganyika"

Tshuma Isonga, B. "Analyse granulometrique et distribution de la matiere organique dans les sables et les vases (Plage de Sibwesa et les sediments lacustres de la Platforme de Kalya)"

Zilifi, D. and Eagle, M. "Sediment cores from the Kalya platform, slope and horst: High resolution and long-time span paleolimnology and paleoclimate records"


1999 -----------------------------

Bakundukize, C. "Etude comparative de la usceptibilite magnetique des sediments des transects de carottage est-ouest au droit de la baie de Kigoma et des rivieres luiche et malagarasi"

Bwebwa, D. "Investigation preliminaire sur la possibilite d’une relation entre les variations de l’environment limnologique du plancton et des poissons pelagiques au lac Tanganyika"

Castaneda, I., Erchak, I., and Harper, M. "Total organic matter, carbonate, and grain size determination in two east-west coring transects, Luiche and Malagarasi River Deltas, Lake Tanganyika, East Africa Rift Valley"

Chororoka, K. "The influence of rivers Malagarasi and Luiche on Lake Tanganyika: Dissolved and suspended particles"

Harryman, A. "A morphometric analysis of P. Armata, with reference to P. Tuberculata"

Heuser, H., and Knox, D. "A survey of the physical parameters that affect biological diversity in Jacobsen’s Bay, Kigoma, Lake Tanganyika"

Heuser, H., and Knox, D. "Ostracode abundance and diversity within rocky habitats of Jacobsen’s Bay, Lake Tanganyika"

Hinkley, K. "Is variation in shell morphology of Lavigeria Grandis an ecophenotypic response to wave energy?"

Johannes, E., Nowak, J., Nzeyimana, M.G., and Wimba, L. "An investigation of the short-term fluctuations in the water column and its relation to weather patterns: Kigoma Bay, Lake Tanganyika"

Kabumbu, C. "Factors influencing the distribution of hydrocarbons in surface sediments in different bays of Lake Tanganyika around Kigoma urban"

Musonda, B. "The distribution of nutrients in the subsurface sediments in Kigoma Bay, Lake Tanganyika"

Musonda, F. "A preliminary investigation of the fecundity and its relation to body size of Lates Stappersh in the central part of Lake Tanganyika (Kigoma)"

Mwenyemazi, D. "Analyse granulometrique des sables et des debris charbons dans les plages 1 et 2 de Jacobsen (Cap de Bangwe). Lac Tanganyika, Kigoma, Tanzanie"

Mwijage, E. "Limnology related to zooplankton changes and pelagic fisheries catches in Lake Tanganyika with special emphasis on physico-chemical parameters"

Nduwarugira, F. "Contribution a l’etude du regime alimentaire de Lobochilotes Labiatus et Neolamprologus Tretocephalus"

Oppert, C. "Limnological patterns in relation to pelagic fish stomach contents in Lake Tanganyika, Kigoma, Tanzania"

Schmitz, J. "A preliminary investigation of habitat recolonization: Lavigeria sp."

Sekandende, B.C. "Abundance and diversity of gastopods at Jacobsen’s Beach"

Zorich, N. "Snail distribution and diversity south of Kigoma Bay, Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania, East Africa""


1998 -----------------------------

Bannister, K. "Morphology and Sedimentation of Kigoma Bay and Vicinity"

Bigirimana, C. "Étude de la population piscicole de la zone littorale a deux biotopes différentes: Cas des zones rocheuses et sableuses Kigoma (Jakobsen's Beach) et Gombe (Mwamgongo)"

Bungala, S.O., Mwansa, P. and Hoffman, J."Investigation of Possible Daily Coastal Upwelling Effect on two Different Relief Areas: High Relief Half-Graben Faults and Low Relief Coastal Plains in Lake Tanganyika, East Africa"

Edattukaran., M. "A preliminary study of trophic specialization with respect to pharyngeal jaw functional morphology of Lobochilotes labiatus and Neolamprologus tretocephalus"

France, K. and McIntyre, P. "Gastropod Community Ecology on the Rocky Eastern Shore of Lake Tanganyika"

Gelsey, G. "Taphonomy of fish fossils and calibration of sediment cores using fish remains"

Green, B. "A preliminary investigation of the vertical distribution of bacteria in the water column of Kigoma Basin of Lake Tanganyika"

Haupert, C., Hakizimana,T. and Nahayo A. "An Investigation of short-term variations in the thermocline depth in Lake Tanganyika and its effect on nutrient levels in Kigoma Basin"

Hoffman, J. "Nitrogen or Phosphorous Limitation in Nearshore and Pelagic Waters of Kigoma Bay, Lake Tanganyika - East Africa"

League, B. "Diatom assemblages in surface sediments of Lake Tanganyika"

Mukungilwa, K. "Contribution to the study of algal benthos of the littoral zone of Lake Tanganyika"

Mbemba, W. and Green, B. "Fisheries and limnological patchiness: An Investigation between Water Parameters and Fishing Results in Lake Tanganyika"

Pittiglio, S. "Comparative sedimentology, organic matter and pore water analysis of disturbed and undisturbed drainage basins of Lake Tanganyika"

Rubabwa, C.E.L. "Influence of Small Streams on the Hydrogeochemistry of Lake Tanganyika"

Safari, P. B. "Etude preliminaire de la vitesse de sedimentation des oeufs de Stolothrissa tanganicae (Regan, 1917)"

Simon, K. "Fishing Practices and Catch Trends at Ujiji and Katonga Fishing Villages: Implications for Fisheries Management Kigoma Area, Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania"

Woodworth, M. "Categorization of Organic Matter and Carbonate fractions of Surface Sediment Samples in Kigoma Bay Lake Tanganyika."



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