Putting the "Mountain" in Mountain Biking

Taking their love of rocky terrain in a whole new direction, Geosciences graduate students and postdocs make usWoman on mountain bike rides down a rock face as others watch. proud each spring by riding (and placing) in the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo mountain bike race. "The 24" features a 16-mile loop that teams of riders ride relay-style, non-stop, for 24 hours.

Two men stand on the winners' podium receiving their award.








three women raise their hands in the air celebrating their award.
This year, winning teams included several Geosciences riders:
Male Duo: Drew Laskowski (Geosciences PhD student) and Matt Jones, 1st place
Female Duo: Alexis Ault (Geosciences postdoc) and Eszter Horanyi, 2nd place
4 Woman Team: Devon Orme (Geosciences PhD student), Kathleen Compton (Geosciences PhD student), and Alicia Hudson, 5th place

Adam Hudson (GeWoman rides a mountain bide on a trail with onlookersosciences PhD student) was on support crew duty and Department Head Pete Reiners and Geosciences Researcher Stuart Thomson attended the event.

Geosciences participants in previous years include: Ryan Porter (PhD, 2011), Willy Guenthner (PhD 2013), Dave Pearson (PhD 2012), Robinson Cecil (PhD 2009), Scott McBride (MS 2008), and Alex Strugatskiy (MS 2008)Two women stand on the winners' podiumPeter Reiners and Alexis Ault smile for the camera at the 24.