Research | Mineralogy

GeodeMineralogy can be considered as the study of geology at the atomic scale. At the University of Arizona we emphasize the crystallographic and thermodynamic aspects of minerals, studying them via X-ray and neutron diffraction at ambient, high-temperature, or high-pressure conditions, as well as analyses of the electron density distributions and ab initio quantum modeling.  Current research programs include the following:



Robert Downs - Mineralogy, crystallography
Charles Prewitt (emeritus) - Mineralogy, crystallography



Hexiong Yang - Mineralogy


Facilities, Equipment, and Resources

  • Three single crystal X-ray diffractometers, two are Pickers for high-pressure studies, and one is a Bruker X8Apex with CCD for ambient and high-temperature studies
  • D8 Advance Bruker X-ray powder diffractometer
  • Gas-loading diamond cell facilities for hydrostatic conditions to high-pressures.
  • Raman spectrometer