Research | Mineral Resources

Mineral resources related research in the Department of Geosciences covers many topics from the basic science of ore-forming systems (including structural geology, geochemistry, petrology, geochronology, mineralogy) to studies focused on deposit types (notably porphyry Cu-Mo-Au, epithermal Au-Ag, iron-oxide(-Cu-Au), rare-element, skarn and replacement, Carlin-type) to regional and global metallogenic studies. These studies draw primarily on the wealth of superb exposures and industry collaborations available in the Cordillera of North and South America, but span the globe from Indonesia to the Baltic region to southern Africa. These approaches are integrated with other activities in the department, on campus, and with partners in institutions worldwide.


Mark BartonLarge group of students on hillside with notebooks doing field work
Hervé Rezeau
 Joaquin Ruiz
Eric Seedorff (Emeritus)

Faculty with Related Interests

Bob Downs(Emeritus)
Mihai Ducea
George Gehrels
Roy Johnson(Emeritus)
Jon Patchett (Emeritus)

Facilities, Equipment, and Resources

  • Superb field exposures and industry partners in one of the world's most significant mining regions

  • GIS and computational facilities

  • Many other relevant analytical and experimental facilities are described or linked under the Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Tectonics, and Petrology programs for other facilities

  • The Lowell Program in Economic Geology