Faculty Mentoring Program

A student and professor pose for a photo seated at a table with rocks on it.The Geosciences undergraduate program is proud to announce that our Faculty Mentoring Program is now actively running. Mentors are members of the GEOS faculty who meet one-on-one with students on career planning, understanding the vast number of areas within geosciences, and gaining a better appreciation of their major. Mentors can provide guidance on what it takes to be successful as a geoscience student and suggestions to enable students to gain confidence and self-motivation.

The faculty mentor’s goal is to promote a strong relationship between students and professors in the department as early as the first semester of the freshman year. It is different from the academic advising (guidance with registration, campus resources, course planning, etc.)  provided by the academic advisors. Students will have an opportunity to learn more about one specific area or a wide variety of areas within Geosciences. Students can learn more about the faculty and why they decided to pursue their specific areas of expertise, ask about potential career paths, research and internship opportunities.

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List of Participating Faculty Members Get the Most from Faculty Mentoring
Participation is easy! Remember: Professors are People Too!

Questions to Ask in Your Faculty

Mentoring Session

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