Curriculum Options in Geosciences

Geosciences Major:

We offer three degree sub-plans for Geosciences majors: Geology, Geophysics, and Earth, Oceans and Climate (EOC). The curriculum requirements for each sub-plan are based on a student’s academic catalog year. Students should review the curriculum requirements of the Catalog Year and Sub-plan for which they are currently declared. They can identify their catalog year and sub-plan on their UAccess Student Center “My Academics” page, as well as on their Advisement Report. Contact your Academic advisor if you are unsure of which curriculum to follow or if you want to change to a newer curriculum year.

Please see our current (2018-19) Geosciences Student Handbook to learn more about the Geosciences major, sub-plans, and important program information. Individual Sub-plan Curriculum Guides and 2017-18 Sample Advisement Reports are also available for download below.


GEOS Handbook
2018-19 Curriculum Handbook

Curriculum Guides

2018-19 Geology 2018-19 Geophysics 2018-19 Earth, Oceans, and Climate (EOC)

2017-18 Geology

2017-18 Geophysics

2017-18 Earth, Oceans, and Climate (EOC)

2016-17 Geology

2016-17 Geophysics

2016-17 Earth Systems

2015-16 Geology

2015-16 Geophysics

2015-16 Earth Systems

2014-15 Geology

2014-15 Geophysics

2014-15 Earth Systems


Sample Advisement Reports (2017-18 only)
Geology AARP
Geophysics AARP
Earth, Oceans, and Climate AARP


Program Fee:

A $300 program fee is assessed for enrollment in the Geosciences undergraduate program per academic year. “Program Fees” are additional amounts charged to students in select degree programs within colleges, schools or departments, including honors colleges or programs, that have demonstrably higher costs of delivering instruction overall, or because of the need for or use of special equipment, technology, or key personnel expenses, or market conditions. This fee is applied to your Bursar’s account as a “TUI:UGrad Geosciences Prog Fee” of $150 each fall and spring semester. No program fees are assessed in Winter or Summer sessions.


We offer Minors in Geosciences, as well as Marine Science. The curriculum requirements for each minor are provided below. Several departments advise for the Marine Science Minor. You may view a comprehensive list of Marine Science Minor Advisors and their contact information on the Advising Resource Center website:

GEOS Minor Curriculum Guide
Marine Science Minor Curriculum Guide