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The Lowell Professional Programs

Economic geology is the study and analysis of geologic bodies and materials that can be utilized profitably by man and the application of geologic knowledge and theory to the search for and the understanding of mineral deposits. The purpose of these programs is to provide training for geologists who want to return to school to further their careers. Economic Geology is one of the fields covered by the Lowell Professional Programs.

Generous endowments by J. David Lowell helped establish professional programs in economic geology and mineral resources. 

The Lowell Professional Programs are designed to accommodate working professionals in the mineral resources industry.  The focus is on continuing education, non-thesis master’s degrees, practical and intensive field courses, and distance learning, both live and on-demand. Programs offer a mix of geology, engineering, business, and environmental coursework. 

Master’s programs are 30 credit hours and can be completed in 2 semesters.  Certificate programs are 15 credit hours and can transfer into the Master’s programs.  Short courses and field courses can be taken for credit or for non-credit. The short courses are typically 15 hours on a Friday and Saturday. Field courses are typically 10 days long and involve travel to locations around the western U.S. and also may include lecture and laboratory activities. 

Students in the Master of Engineering degree are considered Arizona residents for tuition purposes if they work for a company that has a business presence in Arizona, regardless of where in the world they are working.

Choose a program that fits your background and interests. The links below will provide details about that particular program.

  • Professional Science Masters in Economic Geology (PSM/EG)
  • Master of Engineering in Mineral Resources (MEng/MR)
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificates
    1. Rock mechanics
    2. Mine information and production technology
    3. Mine health and safety
  • PSM Ten-Day Economic Geology Courses (this will be link to LPEG webpage /events module)
    1. Ore Deposits Mapping (working in info and links)
    2. Topics in Mineral Deposit Types (working in Info and links )
  • MEng Mineral Resources Short Courses




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