Prospective Student Information

Students interested in joining the Global Seismology and Tectonics group are encouraged to contact Susan Beck and Eric Kiser, and apply to the graduate program at the Department of Geosciences. Applications are due in January for Fall admission. More information about the graduate program can be found at the Prospective Students Section of the Department of Geosciences website.

The GSAT lab is located in the fifth
floor of the Gould-Simpson building.

View of downtown Tucson from the
roof of the Gould-Simpson building.

Tucson on the horizon. View from the Catalina Mountains.

For specific information about the graduate program contact:

Graduate Admissions
Gould-Simpson Rm. 210
Department of Geosciences
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0077

Phone: (520) 621-6004
Email: Rocina Garcia


*Denotes courses offered only to undergraduates

GEOS 322 Introduction to Geophysics.* Physical principles applied to problems in earth science including seismology, gravity, magnetics, heat flow, plate tectonics.
Taught: Spring

GEOS 432/532 Earthquake Seismology. Fundamentals of the generation, propagation, and interpretation of seismic waves.
Taught: Fall

GEOS 436/536 Earthquakes and Volcanic Systems: Processes and Hazards. The processes and properties associated with earthquake sources and volcanic systems and how these properties affect the hazards associated with these events.
Taught: Fall

GEOS 568 Advanced Seismology. Computational techniques in seismology. The application of synthetic seismograms to model source processes and complex structure.

GEOS 427/527 Orogenic Systems. An analysis of the geology, geophysics, and geochemistry, and the tectonic evolution of selected world mountain systems ranging from currently active belts in both oceanic and continental settings back through Phanerozoic, Proterozoic, and into Archean time.
Taught: Spring

Related Courses in Geophysics

GEOS 419/519 Physics of the Earth
GEOS 421/521 Petroleum Geology and Geophysics
GEOS 434A/534A Exploration Seismology
GEOS 440/540 Geodynamics
GEOS 528 Crustal Deformation
GEOS 567 Inverse Problems in Geophysics