The Global Seismology and Tectonics Group at the University of Arizona consists of three faculty members, Susan Beck, Eric Kiser, and Daniella DellaGiustina, and an associated research group that normally consists of 1 post-doc and 4-8 graduate students, as well as undergraduate students and collaborating students from other groups in the Department of Geosciences.


Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Thomas Lee

Emeritus Faculty

Systems Administrator


Former Researchers

Colton Lynner, now at University of Delaware
Rob Porritt, now at Sandia National Laboratory
Seda Yolsal, now at Istanbul Technical University
Linda Warren, now at Saint Louis University
Hersh Gilbert, now at University of Calgary
Keith Koper, now at University of Utah
David Baumont, now at Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire

Former PhD Students

Clint Koch (2021), now at Sandia National Laboratories
Daniel Evan Portner (2019), now at Carnegie Institution of Washington
Brandon Bishop (2018), now at Saint Louis University
James Ryan (2018)
Kevin Ward (2016), now at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Jonathan Delph (2016), now at Purdue University
Alissa Scire (2014), now at the Passcal Instrument Center
Austin Holland (2014), now at USGS
Ryan Porter (2011), now at Northern Arizona University
Lepolt Linkimer (2011), now at University of Costa Rica
Christine Gans (2010), now at ExxonMobil
C. Berk Biryol (2009), now at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Andrew Frassetto (2009), now at IRIS
Joshua Calkins (2008), now at Industry
Arda Ozacar (2007), now at the Middle Eastern Technical University, Turkey
Patricia Alvarado (2006), now at the University of San Juan, Argentina
Lara Wagner (2005), now at Carnegie Institute of Washington
Megan Anderson (2005), now at the Washington State Geological Survey
Robert Fromm
Jennifer Swenson (1999), now at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Steve Myers (1998), now at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Former MSc Students

David Moussa (2019)
Dakota Isaacs (2016), now at Black Hills Corp
Mallory Morell (2012), now at BP
Justin Wood (2011), now PhD student at Southern Illinois University
Hande Tok (2010)
Heather Folsom (2002)
Jason Erickson (2002), now at QTSI
Todd Shearer (2002), now at BP
Eric Miller (2001), now at QTSI
James Zavacky (2001)
Mark Leidig (2000)
Craig Whitted (1999), now at Conoco Phillips
Josef Chmielowski (1999), now at BP
Jennifer Swenson (1994)
Barbara Schusller (1994)
Mark Tinker (1993), now at QTSI
Merritt Smith (1997)

Former Undergraduate Students

Peter Blake
Erika Jaski, now at Colorado State University
Tony Guajardo, now at Northern Illinois University
Elsa Domingos
Ashlee Cowles
Brittany Morse
Will Lytle
Sally Thurner
Owen Hurd, now at Industry
Koichi (JJ) Sakaguchi