DSDP Paleo Data Files
Available from
the University of Arizona

At this site, 2093 data files of the Deep Sea Drilling Project can be downloaded individually. The files were collated and converted to spreadsheet format from the DSDP CD-ROM by Dr. Pierre Zippi. The conversion process and file format is described in detail at Dr. Zippi's PAZ Software Web Site

The entire dataset on CD-ROM can be obtained from NOAA and converted to MAC format spreadsheets with software available from PAZ software.

This site maintained by Owen Davis: Last Updated 2/22/2000. 

To download files from this site, click on any of the links below. This will provide a TAB-delimited file that can be saved to disk using your browser's "save-as" function. Each file consists of 14 lines of header, followed by two lines of labels, then the data in TAB-delimited columns. The header and the second row of column labels begin with the "pound-sign" or "hash mark" (#). The data may appear to be mis-aligned in your browser. Don't worry, it is just a display issue. The data is correctly formatted. 

To use these data files, download the file, then import the file into analytical or spreadsheet software as a TAB-delimited text file. It may be necessary to delete the header rows. Also, much of the data is coded with 7 abundance codes: P=Present T=Trace R=Rare F=Few C=Common A=Abundant D=Dominant and Preservation codes: G=good M=moderate P=poor. 
For the data to be useful in many analytical applications the letter codes must be replaced by numbers. Any text editor will allow a find and replace. WellPlot (PAZ Software) translates codes automatically plots a variety of range charts, abundance charts and other stratigraphic data visualizations. 

The first two digits of the file names are the DSDP Leg, the next three are the DSDP Site. For example, file "79546.txt" (under Algae, below) is from Leg 79, Site 546. 

To find data files: Select find from the edit menu in IE or Netscape Navigator, type the LEG, SITE and HOLE number with no space between (i.e. LEGSITEHOLE). For example, typing "79546" will find links to files containing data from Leg 79 Site 546. 
Use the find again command to find subsequent data files.

Fossil Types (21):
  • Algae (19)
  • Ammonites (1)
  • Aptychi (3)
  • Archaeomonads (13)
  • Benthic Foraminifera (167)
  • Bryozoans (4)
  • Calcispherulides (3)
  • Crinoids (3)
  • Diatoms (221)
  • Dinoflagellates (55)
  • Ebridians & Actinicidians (39)
  • Fish (4)
  • Nannofossils (558)
  • Ostracodes (31)
  • Phytoliths (2)
  • Planktonic Foraminifera (414)
  • Pollen and Spores (32)
  • Radiolarians (340)
  • Rhyncollites (2)
  • Silicoflagellates (175)
  • Trace fossils (7)
  • Algae - 19 Files Algae

    Algae 12119_.txt
    Algae 35325_.txt
    Algae 48400a.txt
    Algae 79546_.txt
    Algae 81552a.txt
    Algae 81552_.txt
    Algae 81553a.txt
    Algae 81554a.txt
    Algae 81554_.txt
    Algae 81555_.txt
    Algae 82558_.txt
    Algae 82563_.txt
    Algae 93604_.txt
    Algae 94608_.txt
    Algae 94609b.txt
    Algae 94610e.txt
    Algae 94610_.txt
    Algae 94611c.txt
    Algae 95612_.txt

    Ammonites - 1 file

    Ammonites 44391c.txt

    Aptychi - 3 files

    Aptychi 11105_.txt
    Aptychi 17167_.txt
    Aptychi 44391c.txt

    Archaeomonads - 13 files

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    Archaeomonads 13124_.txt
    Archaeomonads 13128_.txt
    Archaeomonads 13130_.txt
    Archaeomonads 29275_.txt
    Archaeomonads 29277_.txt
    Archaeomonads 29278_.txt
    Archaeomonads 29280a.txt
    Archaeomonads 29281_.txt
    Archaeomonads 29283_.txt
    Archaeomonads 36328b.txt
    Archaeomonads 39354_.txt
    Archaeomonads 39356_.txt
    Archaeomonads 39358_.txt

    Benthic Foraminifera - 167 files

    >Back to fossil types list<
    BForams 01005_.txt
    BForams 09077b.txt
    BForams 11108_.txt
    BForams 14135_.txt
    BForams 14136_.txt
    BForams 14137_.txt
    BForams 14138_.txt
    BForams 14139_.txt
    BForams 14140a.txt
    BForams 14140_.txt
    BForams 14141_.txt
    BForams 14142_.txt
    BForams 14144a.txt
    BForams 14144_.txt
    BForams 17171_.txt
    BForams 18176_.txt
    BForams 19184_.txt
    BForams 19185_.txt
    BForams 19189_.txt
    BForams 19190_.txt
    BForams 21206_.txt
    BForams 21208_.txt
    BForams 22213_.txt
    BForams 22215_.txt
    BForams 24236_.txt
    BForams 24237_.txt
    BForams 28270_.txt
    BForams 32308_.txt
    BForams 33317a.txt
    BForams 34320a.txt
    BForams 34320b.txt
    BForams 34320_.txt
    BForams 34321_.txt
    BForams 35323_.txt
    BForams 35325_.txt
    BForams 39356_.txt
    BForams 39357_.txt
    BForams 40360_.txt
    BForams 40362_.txt
    BForams 40364_.txt
    BForams 41366a.txt
    BForams 41366_.txt
    BForams 42371_.txt
    BForams 42372_.txt
    BForams 42373a.txt
    BForams 42374_.txt
    BForams 42376_.txt
    BForams 42378_.txt
    BForams 42379a.txt
    BForams 42380a.txt
    BForams 42380_.txt
    BForams 42381_.txt
    BForams 45396_.txt
    BForams 47397_.txt
    BForams 48400a.txt
    BForams 48401_.txt
    BForams 48403_.txt
    BForams 48404_.txt
    BForams 48405_.txt
    BForams 48406_.txt
    BForams 55430a.txt
    BForams 55430b.txt
    BForams 55432a.txt
    BForams 55433a.txt
    BForams 56434b.txt
    BForams 56434_.txt
    BForams 56435a.txt
    BForams 56435_.txt
    BForams 56436_.txt
    BForams 57438a.txt
    BForams 57438b.txt
    BForams 57438_.txt
    BForams 57440a.txt
    BForams 57440b.txt
    BForams 57440_.txt
    BForams 58442a.txt
    BForams 58442b.txt
    BForams 58442_.txt
    BForams 58443_.txt
    BForams 58444a.txt
    BForams 58444_.txt
    BForams 59448a.txt
    BForams 59448_.txt
    BForams 59449_.txt
    BForams 59450_.txt
    BForams 59451_.txt
    BForams 60453_.txt
    BForams 60454a.txt
    BForams 60454_.txt
    BForams 60455_.txt
    BForams 60459b.txt
    BForams 60459_.txt
    BForams 61462_.txt
    BForams 64477a.txt
    BForams 64477_.txt
    BForams 64478_.txt
    BForams 64479_.txt
    BForams 64480_.txt
    BForams 64481a.txt
    BForams 64481_.txt
    BForams 71511_.txt
    BForams 71512a.txt
    BForams 71512_.txt
    BForams 71513a.txt
    BForams 73522_.txt
    BForams 73523_.txt
    BForams 73524_.txt
    BForams 74526a.txt
    BForams 74529_.txt
    BForams 75532b.txt
    BForams 76533a.txt
    BForams 76533_.txt
    BForams 80548_.txt
    BForams 80549a.txt
    BForams 80550_.txt
    BForams 81552a.txt
    BForams 81552_.txt
    BForams 81553a.txt
    BForams 81553_.txt
    BForams 81554a.txt
    BForams 81554_.txt
    BForams 81555_.txt
    BForams 82558_.txt
    BForams 82563_.txt
    BForams 84566a.txt
    BForams 84566c.txt
    BForams 84566_.txt
    BForams 84567a.txt
    BForams 84567_.txt
    BForams 84568_.txt
    BForams 84569a.txt
    BForams 84569_.txt
    BForams 84570_.txt
    BForams 86580_.txt
    BForams 87582a.txt
    BForams 87582b.txt
    BForams 87582_.txt
    BForams 87583a.txt
    BForams 87583d.txt
    BForams 87583f.txt
    BForams 87583g.txt
    BForams 87583_.txt
    BForams 87584_.txt
    BForams 89586b.txt
    BForams 90588b.txt
    BForams 90588c.txt
    BForams 90588_.txt
    BForams 90590a.txt
    BForams 90590b.txt
    BForams 90590_.txt
    BForams 90591b.txt
    BForams 90591_.txt
    BForams 90592_.txt
    BForams 90593_.txt
    BForams 90594_.txt
    BForams 93603c.txt
    BForams 93603_.txt
    BForams 93605_.txt
    BForams 95612_.txt
    BForams 95613_.txt
    BForams 96620_.txt
    BForams 96621_.txt
    BForams 96622_.txt
    BForams 96624_.txt

    Bryozoans - 4 files

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    Bryozoan 12117a.txt
    Bryozoan 12117_.txt
    Bryozoan 29282_.txt
    Bryozoan 32308_.txt

    Calcispherulides - 3 files

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    Calcispher 35323_.txt
    Calcispher 40363_.txt
    Calcispher 44391c.txt

    Crinoids - 3 files

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    Crinoids 11100_.txt
    Crinoids 11099a.txt
    Crinoids 11105_.txt

    Diatoms - 221 files

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    Diatoms 01006_.txt
    Diatoms 06047b.txt
    Diatoms 07064a.txt
    Diatoms 07064_.txt
    Diatoms 07065a.txt
    Diatoms 07065_.txt
    Diatoms 08069a.txt
    Diatoms 08069_.txt
    Diatoms 08071a.txt
    Diatoms 08072_.txt
    Diatoms 08073_.txt
    Diatoms 09077b.txt
    Diatoms 13124_.txt
    Diatoms 13127_.txt
    Diatoms 13128_.txt
    Diatoms 13130_.txt
    Diatoms 16157a.txt
    Diatoms 16157_.txt
    Diatoms 16158_.txt
    Diatoms 16161a.txt
    Diatoms 16163_.txt
    Diatoms 17165a.txt
    Diatoms 17166_.txt
    Diatoms 17167_.txt
    Diatoms 18173_.txt
    Diatoms 18175_.txt
    Diatoms 18177a.txt
    Diatoms 18177_.txt
    Diatoms 18178_.txt
    Diatoms 18179_.txt
    Diatoms 18180_.txt
    Diatoms 18181_.txt
    Diatoms 18182a.txt
    Diatoms 18182_.txt
    Diatoms 19183_.txt
    Diatoms 19192_.txt
    Diatoms 20194_.txt
    Diatoms 21206c.txt
    Diatoms 21206_.txt
    Diatoms 22213_.txt
    Diatoms 22215_.txt
    Diatoms 22216_.txt
    Diatoms 22217_.txt
    Diatoms 23220_.txt
    Diatoms 24238_.txt
    Diatoms 27262_.txt
    Diatoms 28265_.txt
    Diatoms 28266_.txt
    Diatoms 28267a.txt
    Diatoms 28267b.txt
    Diatoms 28267_.txt
    Diatoms 28269a.txt
    Diatoms 28269_.txt
    Diatoms 28272_.txt
    Diatoms 28273a.txt
    Diatoms 28273_.txt
    Diatoms 28274_.txt
    Diatoms 29275_.txt
    Diatoms 29278_.txt
    Diatoms 30289_.txt
    Diatoms 31292_.txt
    Diatoms 31296_.txt
    Diatoms 31297_.txt
    Diatoms 31298a.txt
    Diatoms 31298_.txt
    Diatoms 31299_.txt
    Diatoms 31300_.txt
    Diatoms 31301_.txt
    Diatoms 31302_.txt
    Diatoms 32303_.txt
    Diatoms 32310_.txt
    Diatoms 35322_.txt
    Diatoms 35323_.txt
    Diatoms 35324_.txt
    Diatoms 35325_.txt
    Diatoms 36327a.txt
    Diatoms 36328a.txt
    Diatoms 36328b.txt
    Diatoms 36328_.txt
    Diatoms 36329_.txt
    Diatoms 36330a.txt
    Diatoms 37332a.txt
    Diatoms 37332b.txt
    Diatoms 37333_.txt
    Diatoms 37334_.txt
    Diatoms 37335_.txt
    Diatoms 38336_.txt
    Diatoms 38337_.txt
    Diatoms 38338_.txt
    Diatoms 38339_.txt
    Diatoms 38340_.txt
    Diatoms 38341_.txt
    Diatoms 38342_.txt
    Diatoms 39356_.txt
    Diatoms 39357_.txt
    Diatoms 41366a.txt
    Diatoms 41366_.txt
    Diatoms 41369a.txt
    Diatoms 42379a.txt
    Diatoms 42380a.txt
    Diatoms 42380_.txt
    Diatoms 42381_.txt
    Diatoms 43385_.txt
    Diatoms 43386_.txt
    Diatoms 44390a.txt
    Diatoms 44391a.txt
    Diatoms 49407_.txt
    Diatoms 49408_.txt
    Diatoms 50415_.txt
    Diatoms 50416a.txt
    Diatoms 51417a.txt
    Diatoms 54419_.txt
    Diatoms 54420_.txt
    Diatoms 54422_.txt
    Diatoms 54425_.txt
    Diatoms 54427_.txt
    Diatoms 54428_.txt
    Diatoms 55430a.txt
    Diatoms 55430_.txt
    Diatoms 55431a.txt
    Diatoms 55431_.txt
    Diatoms 55432_.txt
    Diatoms 55433a.txt
    Diatoms 55433_.txt
    Diatoms 56434_.txt
    Diatoms 56436_.txt
    Diatoms 57438a.txt
    Diatoms 57438b.txt
    Diatoms 57438_.txt
    Diatoms 57439_.txt
    Diatoms 57440a.txt
    Diatoms 57440b.txt
    Diatoms 57440_.txt
    Diatoms 57441a.txt
    Diatoms 57441b.txt
    Diatoms 57441_.txt
    Diatoms 59449_.txt
    Diatoms 59450_.txt
    Diatoms 59451_.txt
    Diatoms 60452_.txt
    Diatoms 60453_.txt
    Diatoms 60454a.txt
    Diatoms 60454_.txt
    Diatoms 60455_.txt
    Diatoms 60456a.txt
    Diatoms 60458_.txt
    Diatoms 60459_.txt
    Diatoms 60460a.txt
    Diatoms 60460_.txt
    Diatoms 62464_.txt
    Diatoms 62466_.txt
    Diatoms 63468b.txt
    Diatoms 63468_.txt
    Diatoms 63469_.txt
    Diatoms 63470a.txt
    Diatoms 63470_.txt
    Diatoms 63472_.txt
    Diatoms 67494a.txt
    Diatoms 67495_.txt
    Diatoms 67496_.txt
    Diatoms 67497_.txt
    Diatoms 67499_.txt
    Diatoms 68503a.txt
    Diatoms 68503b.txt
    Diatoms 71511_.txt
    Diatoms 71512_.txt
    Diatoms 71513a.txt
    Diatoms 71513_.txt
    Diatoms 71514_.txt
    Diatoms 73520_.txt
    Diatoms 73524_.txt
    Diatoms 78543_.txt
    Diatoms 84565_.txt
    Diatoms 84566a.txt
    Diatoms 84566c.txt
    Diatoms 84566_.txt
    Diatoms 84567a.txt
    Diatoms 84567_.txt
    Diatoms 84568_.txt
    Diatoms 84569a.txt
    Diatoms 84569_.txt
    Diatoms 84570_.txt
    Diatoms 85572a.txt
    Diatoms 85572d.txt
    Diatoms 85573_.txt
    Diatoms 85574_.txt
    Diatoms 85575a.txt
    Diatoms 86577_.txt
    Diatoms 86578_.txt
    Diatoms 86579a.txt
    Diatoms 86579_.txt
    Diatoms 86580_.txt
    Diatoms 86581_.txt
    Diatoms 87582a.txt
    Diatoms 87582b.txt
    Diatoms 87582_.txt
    Diatoms 87583a.txt
    Diatoms 87583b.txt
    Diatoms 87583c.txt
    Diatoms 87583d.txt
    Diatoms 87583f.txt
    Diatoms 87583g.txt
    Diatoms 87583_.txt
    Diatoms 87584a.txt
    Diatoms 87584b.txt
    Diatoms 87584_.txt
    Diatoms 90594a.txt
    Diatoms 90594_.txt
    Diatoms 93604_.txt
    Diatoms 93605_.txt
    Diatoms 94606a.txt
    Diatoms 94606_.txt
    Diatoms 94607_.txt
    Diatoms 94608_.txt
    Diatoms 94609_.txt
    Diatoms 94610a.txt
    Diatoms 94610_.txt
    Diatoms 94611c.txt
    Diatoms 94611_.txt
    Diatoms 95612_.txt
    Diatoms 95613_.txt

    Dinoflagellates - 55 files

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    Dinoflag 14135_.txt
    Dinoflag 14136_.txt
    Dinoflag 14137_.txt
    Dinoflag 14144a.txt
    Dinoflag 14144_.txt
    Dinoflag 19183_.txt
    Dinoflag 21206c.txt
    Dinoflag 21206_.txt
    Dinoflag 21207a.txt
    Dinoflag 21208_.txt
    Dinoflag 22214_.txt
    Dinoflag 28270_.txt
    Dinoflag 28274_.txt
    Dinoflag 29277_.txt
    Dinoflag 29278_.txt
    Dinoflag 29280a.txt
    Dinoflag 29281_.txt
    Dinoflag 29282_.txt
    Dinoflag 29283_.txt
    Dinoflag 29284_.txt
    Dinoflag 35323_.txt
    Dinoflag 38336_.txt
    Dinoflag 38338_.txt
    Dinoflag 38339_.txt
    Dinoflag 38340_.txt
    Dinoflag 38343_.txt
    Dinoflag 38345_.txt
    Dinoflag 39354_.txt
    Dinoflag 39356_.txt
    Dinoflag 39358_.txt
    Dinoflag 40365_.txt
    Dinoflag 41366a.txt
    Dinoflag 50415_.txt
    Dinoflag 50416a.txt
    Dinoflag 59451_.txt
    Dinoflag 60453_.txt
    Dinoflag 60454a.txt
    Dinoflag 60460_.txt
    Dinoflag 71511_.txt
    Dinoflag 71512_.txt
    Dinoflag 71513a.txt
    Dinoflag 81552a.txt
    Dinoflag 81552_.txt
    Dinoflag 81553a.txt
    Dinoflag 81554a.txt
    Dinoflag 81554_.txt
    Dinoflag 81555_.txt
    Dinoflag 85572a.txt
    Dinoflag 85572c.txt
    Dinoflag 85572d.txt
    Dinoflag 85572_.txt
    Dinoflag 94607a.txt
    Dinoflag 94607_.txt
    Dinoflag 94611c.txt
    Dinoflag 94611_.txt

    Ebridians & Actinicidians - 39 files

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    Ebridians 13124_.txt
    Ebridians 13127_.txt
    Ebridians 17165a.txt
    Ebridians 17166_.txt
    Ebridians 19183_.txt
    Ebridians 19184_.txt
    Ebridians 19185_.txt
    Ebridians 19186_.txt
    Ebridians 19187_.txt
    Ebridians 19188_.txt
    Ebridians 19189_.txt
    Ebridians 19190_.txt
    Ebridians 19191_.txt
    Ebridians 19192_.txt
    Ebridians 19193_.txt
    Ebridians 29275_.txt
    Ebridians 29277_.txt
    Ebridians 29278_.txt
    Ebridians 29280a.txt
    Ebridians 29281_.txt
    Ebridians 29283_.txt
    Ebridians 31299_.txt
    Ebridians 31301_.txt
    Ebridians 31302_.txt
    Ebridians 39354_.txt
    Ebridians 39356_.txt
    Ebridians 39358_.txt
    Ebridians 42378_.txt
    Ebridians 42379a.txt
    Ebridians 42380a.txt
    Ebridians 42380_.txt
    Ebridians 42381_.txt
    Ebridians 55433a.txt
    Ebridians 55433_.txt
    Ebridians 90588c.txt
    Ebridians 90591b.txt
    Ebridians 90591_.txt
    Ebridians 93604_.txt
    Ebridians 93605_.txt

    Fish - 4 files

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    Fish 25242_.txt
    Fish 25246_.txt
    Fish 90587_.txt
    Fish 90594_.txt

    Nannofossils - 558 files

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    Nannos 01002_.txt
    Nannos 01003_.txt
    Nannos 01004_.txt
    Nannos 01005a.txt
    Nannos 01005_.txt
    Nannos 01006a.txt
    Nannos 01006_.txt
    Nannos 01007a.txt
    Nannos 01007_.txt
    Nannos 02008a.txt
    Nannos 02009a.txt
    Nannos 02009_.txt
    Nannos 02010_.txt
    Nannos 02011a.txt
    Nannos 02011_.txt
    Nannos 02012c.txt
    Nannos 03013a.txt
    Nannos 03013_.txt
    Nannos 03014_.txt
    Nannos 03015_.txt
    Nannos 03016_.txt
    Nannos 03017a.txt
    Nannos 03017b.txt
    Nannos 03017_.txt
    Nannos 03018_.txt
    Nannos 03019_.txt
    Nannos 03020a.txt
    Nannos 03020b.txt
    Nannos 03020c.txt
    Nannos 03021a.txt
    Nannos 03021_.txt
    Nannos 03022_.txt
    Nannos 04023_.txt
    Nannos 04024_.txt
    Nannos 04025a.txt
    Nannos 04025_.txt
    Nannos 04026a.txt
    Nannos 04026_.txt
    Nannos 04027_.txt
    Nannos 04028_.txt
    Nannos 04029b.txt
    Nannos 04029_.txt
    Nannos 04030_.txt
    Nannos 04031_.txt
    Nannos 05032_.txt
    Nannos 05033_.txt
    Nannos 05034_.txt
    Nannos 05035_.txt
    Nannos 05036_.txt
    Nannos 05037_.txt
    Nannos 05038_.txt
    Nannos 05039_.txt
    Nannos 05040_.txt
    Nannos 05042_.txt
    Nannos 06044_.txt
    Nannos 06045a.txt
    Nannos 06046_.txt
    Nannos 06047a.txt
    Nannos 06047b.txt
    Nannos 06047_.txt
    Nannos 06048a.txt
    Nannos 06048b.txt
    Nannos 06048_.txt
    Nannos 06049a.txt
    Nannos 06049_.txt
    Nannos 06050a.txt
    Nannos 06053a.txt
    Nannos 06053b.txt
    Nannos 06053_.txt
    Nannos 06054_.txt
    Nannos 06055_.txt
    Nannos 06056b.txt
    Nannos 06057a.txt
    Nannos 06057b.txt
    Nannos 06057_.txt
    Nannos 06058_.txt
    Nannos 06059b.txt
    Nannos 06060_.txt
    Nannos 07062a.txt
    Nannos 07062_.txt
    Nannos 07063a.txt
    Nannos 07063b.txt
    Nannos 07063_.txt
    Nannos 07064a.txt
    Nannos 07064_.txt
    Nannos 07065_.txt
    Nannos 08069a.txt
    Nannos 08069_.txt
    Nannos 08070a.txt
    Nannos 08070_.txt
    Nannos 08071_.txt
    Nannos 08072a.txt
    Nannos 08072_.txt
    Nannos 08073_.txt
    Nannos 08074_.txt
    Nannos 08075_.txt
    Nannos 09076a.txt
    Nannos 09076_.txt
    Nannos 09077a.txt
    Nannos 09077b.txt
    Nannos 09078_.txt
    Nannos 09079a.txt
    Nannos 09079_.txt
    Nannos 09080a.txt
    Nannos 09080_.txt
    Nannos 09081_.txt
    Nannos 09082a.txt
    Nannos 09082_.txt
    Nannos 09083a.txt
    Nannos 09083_.txt
    Nannos 09084_.txt
    Nannos 10085_.txt
    Nannos 10086_.txt
    Nannos 10087_.txt
    Nannos 10088_.txt
    Nannos 10089_.txt
    Nannos 10090_.txt
    Nannos 10091_.txt
    Nannos 10092_.txt
    Nannos 10093_.txt
    Nannos 10094_.txt
    Nannos 10095_.txt
    Nannos 10096_.txt
    Nannos 10097_.txt
    Nannos 11098_.txt
    Nannos 11099a.txt
    Nannos 11101a.txt
    Nannos 11101_.txt
    Nannos 11102_.txt
    Nannos 11103_.txt
    Nannos 11104_.txt
    Nannos 11105_.txt
    Nannos 11106b.txt
    Nannos 11106_.txt
    Nannos 11108_.txt
    Nannos 12111a.txt
    Nannos 12119_.txt
    Nannos 13121_.txt
    Nannos 13122_.txt
    Nannos 13123_.txt
    Nannos 13124_.txt
    Nannos 13125a.txt
    Nannos 13125_.txt
    Nannos 13126a.txt
    Nannos 13126_.txt
    Nannos 13127a.txt
    Nannos 13127_.txt
    Nannos 13128_.txt
    Nannos 13129a.txt
    Nannos 13129_.txt
    Nannos 13130_.txt
    Nannos 13131a.txt
    Nannos 13131_.txt
    Nannos 13132_.txt
    Nannos 13133_.txt
    Nannos 13134a.txt
    Nannos 13134_.txt
    Nannos 14135_.txt
    Nannos 14136_.txt
    Nannos 14139_.txt
    Nannos 14140_.txt
    Nannos 14141_.txt
    Nannos 14142_.txt
    Nannos 14144a.txt
    Nannos 14144b.txt
    Nannos 14144_.txt
    Nannos 15146a.txt
    Nannos 15146_.txt
    Nannos 15147c.txt
    Nannos 15147_.txt
    Nannos 15148_.txt
    Nannos 15149_.txt
    Nannos 15150_.txt
    Nannos 15151_.txt
    Nannos 15152_.txt
    Nannos 15153_.txt
    Nannos 15154a.txt
    Nannos 15154_.txt
    Nannos 16155_.txt
    Nannos 16156_.txt
    Nannos 16157a.txt
    Nannos 16157_.txt
    Nannos 16158_.txt
    Nannos 16159_.txt
    Nannos 16160_.txt
    Nannos 16161a.txt
    Nannos 16161_.txt
    Nannos 16162_.txt
    Nannos 16163_.txt
    Nannos 17165a.txt
    Nannos 17165_.txt
    Nannos 17166a.txt
    Nannos 17166_.txt
    Nannos 17167_.txt
    Nannos 17171_.txt
    Nannos 18172_.txt
    Nannos 18173_.txt
    Nannos 18174a.txt
    Nannos 18175_.txt
    Nannos 18176_.txt
    Nannos 18178_.txt
    Nannos 19183_.txt
    Nannos 19192a.txt
    Nannos 19192_.txt
    Nannos 20199_.txt
    Nannos 20200a.txt
    Nannos 20200_.txt
    Nannos 20202_.txt
    Nannos 21203_.txt
    Nannos 21205_.txt
    Nannos 21207a.txt
    Nannos 21208_.txt
    Nannos 21209_.txt
    Nannos 21210_.txt
    Nannos 22212_.txt
    Nannos 22213_.txt
    Nannos 22214_.txt
    Nannos 22215_.txt
    Nannos 22216_.txt
    Nannos 22217_.txt
    Nannos 22218_.txt
    Nannos 24231_.txt
    Nannos 24232a.txt
    Nannos 24232_.txt
    Nannos 24233a.txt
    Nannos 24233_.txt
    Nannos 24234_.txt
    Nannos 24235_.txt
    Nannos 24236_.txt
    Nannos 24237_.txt
    Nannos 24238_.txt
    Nannos 25239_.txt
    Nannos 25241_.txt
    Nannos 25242_.txt
    Nannos 25245a.txt
    Nannos 25245_.txt
    Nannos 25249_.txt
    Nannos 26250a.txt
    Nannos 26250_.txt
    Nannos 26251a.txt
    Nannos 26251_.txt
    Nannos 26253_.txt
    Nannos 26254_.txt
    Nannos 26255_.txt
    Nannos 26258_.txt
    Nannos 27259_.txt
    Nannos 27260_.txt
    Nannos 27262_.txt
    Nannos 28265_.txt
    Nannos 28266_.txt
    Nannos 28267b.txt
    Nannos 28267_.txt
    Nannos 28268_.txt
    Nannos 28270_.txt
    Nannos 28274_.txt
    Nannos 29277_.txt
    Nannos 29278a.txt
    Nannos 29278_.txt
    Nannos 29279a.txt
    Nannos 29279_.txt
    Nannos 29280a.txt
    Nannos 29280_.txt
    Nannos 29281a.txt
    Nannos 29281_.txt
    Nannos 29282_.txt
    Nannos 29283a.txt
    Nannos 29283_.txt
    Nannos 29284a.txt
    Nannos 29284_.txt
    Nannos 30285a.txt
    Nannos 30285_.txt
    Nannos 30286_.txt
    Nannos 30287_.txt
    Nannos 30288a.txt
    Nannos 30288_.txt
    Nannos 30289_.txt
    Nannos 31290a.txt
    Nannos 31290_.txt
    Nannos 31291a.txt
    Nannos 31291_.txt
    Nannos 31292_.txt
    Nannos 31293_.txt
    Nannos 31296_.txt
    Nannos 31297_.txt
    Nannos 31298a.txt
    Nannos 31298_.txt
    Nannos 31299_.txt
    Nannos 31300_.txt
    Nannos 31301_.txt
    Nannos 31302_.txt
    Nannos 32305_.txt
    Nannos 33315a.txt
    Nannos 33316_.txt
    Nannos 34319_.txt
    Nannos 34320a.txt
    Nannos 34320b.txt
    Nannos 34320_.txt
    Nannos 34321_.txt
    Nannos 35323_.txt
    Nannos 35325_.txt
    Nannos 36327a.txt
    Nannos 36327_.txt
    Nannos 36329_.txt
    Nannos 36330a.txt
    Nannos 37332a.txt
    Nannos 37332b.txt
    Nannos 37333a.txt
    Nannos 37333_.txt
    Nannos 37334_.txt
    Nannos 37335_.txt
    Nannos 38336_.txt
    Nannos 38337_.txt
    Nannos 38338_.txt
    Nannos 38343_.txt
    Nannos 38349_.txt
    Nannos 39353a.txt
    Nannos 39353b.txt
    Nannos 39353_.txt
    Nannos 39354_.txt
    Nannos 39355_.txt
    Nannos 39356_.txt
    Nannos 39357_.txt
    Nannos 39358_.txt
    Nannos 39359a.txt
    Nannos 39359_.txt
    Nannos 40360_.txt
    Nannos 40361_.txt
    Nannos 40362a.txt
    Nannos 40362_.txt
    Nannos 40363_.txt
    Nannos 40364_.txt
    Nannos 41366a.txt
    Nannos 41366_.txt
    Nannos 41367_.txt
    Nannos 41370_.txt
    Nannos 42379a.txt
    Nannos 42381_.txt
    Nannos 44390_.txt
    Nannos 45395a.txt
    Nannos 45395_.txt
    Nannos 45396_.txt
    Nannos 47397_.txt
    Nannos 47398a.txt
    Nannos 47398b.txt
    Nannos 47398d.txt
    Nannos 47398_.txt
    Nannos 49407_.txt
    Nannos 49408_.txt
    Nannos 49409_.txt
    Nannos 49410_.txt
    Nannos 49412a.txt
    Nannos 49412_.txt
    Nannos 51417b.txt
    Nannos 51417d.txt
    Nannos 52418a.txt
    Nannos 52418_.txt
    Nannos 54419_.txt
    Nannos 54420_.txt
    Nannos 54428_.txt
    Nannos 55430a.txt
    Nannos 55430b.txt
    Nannos 55430_.txt
    Nannos 55431a.txt
    Nannos 55431_.txt
    Nannos 55433c.txt
    Nannos 55433_.txt
    Nannos 57438b.txt
    Nannos 57438_.txt
    Nannos 57439_.txt
    Nannos 57440_.txt
    Nannos 58442a.txt
    Nannos 58442b.txt
    Nannos 58442_.txt
    Nannos 58443_.txt
    Nannos 58445_.txt
    Nannos 59447a.txt
    Nannos 59448_.txt
    Nannos 59450_.txt
    Nannos 59451_.txt
    Nannos 60453_.txt
    Nannos 60454a.txt
    Nannos 60454_.txt
    Nannos 60455_.txt
    Nannos 60456a.txt
    Nannos 60456_.txt
    Nannos 60457_.txt
    Nannos 60458_.txt
    Nannos 60459b.txt
    Nannos 60460a.txt
    Nannos 60460_.txt
    Nannos 60461a.txt
    Nannos 61462a.txt
    Nannos 61462_.txt
    Nannos 64474_.txt
    Nannos 64475_.txt
    Nannos 64476_.txt
    Nannos 64477_.txt
    Nannos 64478_.txt
    Nannos 64479_.txt
    Nannos 64481a.txt
    Nannos 64481_.txt
    Nannos 66486a.txt
    Nannos 66486_.txt
    Nannos 66487_.txt
    Nannos 66488_.txt
    Nannos 66489a.txt
    Nannos 66489_.txt
    Nannos 66490_.txt
    Nannos 66491_.txt
    Nannos 66492_.txt
    Nannos 66493a.txt
    Nannos 66493b.txt
    Nannos 66493_.txt
    Nannos 67494a.txt
    Nannos 67494_.txt
    Nannos 67495_.txt
    Nannos 67496_.txt
    Nannos 67497_.txt
    Nannos 67498a.txt
    Nannos 67499b.txt
    Nannos 67499_.txt
    Nannos 67500_.txt
    Nannos 71511_.txt
    Nannos 71512a.txt
    Nannos 71512_.txt
    Nannos 71513a.txt
    Nannos 73519a.txt
    Nannos 73519_.txt
    Nannos 73520_.txt
    Nannos 73521a.txt
    Nannos 73521_.txt
    Nannos 73522a.txt
    Nannos 73522b.txt
    Nannos 73522_.txt
    Nannos 73523_.txt
    Nannos 73524a.txt
    Nannos 73524b.txt
    Nannos 73524_.txt
    Nannos 74525a.txt
    Nannos 74525b.txt
    Nannos 74526a.txt
    Nannos 74526b.txt
    Nannos 74526c.txt
    Nannos 74526_.txt
    Nannos 74527_.txt
    Nannos 74528a.txt
    Nannos 74528_.txt
    Nannos 74529_.txt
    Nannos 75530a.txt
    Nannos 75530b.txt
    Nannos 75530_.txt
    Nannos 75532b.txt
    Nannos 75532_.txt
    Nannos 77536_.txt
    Nannos 77538a.txt
    Nannos 77540_.txt
    Nannos 78541_.txt
    Nannos 78542a.txt
    Nannos 78542_.txt
    Nannos 78543_.txt
    Nannos 80548_.txt
    Nannos 80549a.txt
    Nannos 82558a.txt
    Nannos 82558_.txt
    Nannos 82563_.txt
    Nannos 84566a.txt
    Nannos 84566c.txt
    Nannos 84566_.txt
    Nannos 84567a.txt
    Nannos 84567_.txt
    Nannos 84568_.txt
    Nannos 84569a.txt
    Nannos 84569_.txt
    Nannos 84570_.txt
    Nannos 85572d.txt
    Nannos 85573b.txt
    Nannos 85573_.txt
    Nannos 85574c.txt
    Nannos 85574_.txt
    Nannos 85575a.txt
    Nannos 85575_.txt
    Nannos 86577a.txt
    Nannos 86577b.txt
    Nannos 86577_.txt
    Nannos 87582b.txt
    Nannos 87583a.txt
    Nannos 87583d.txt
    Nannos 87583f.txt
    Nannos 87583g.txt
    Nannos 87583_.txt
    Nannos 89585a.txt
    Nannos 89585_.txt
    Nannos 89586b.txt
    Nannos 90587_.txt
    Nannos 90588a.txt
    Nannos 90588b.txt
    Nannos 90588c.txt
    Nannos 90588_.txt
    Nannos 90589_.txt
    Nannos 90590a.txt
    Nannos 90590b.txt
    Nannos 90590_.txt
    Nannos 90591b.txt
    Nannos 90591_.txt
    Nannos 90592_.txt
    Nannos 90593_.txt
    Nannos 90594a.txt
    Nannos 90594_.txt
    Nannos 92597a.txt
    Nannos 92597c.txt
    Nannos 92597_.txt
    Nannos 92598_.txt
    Nannos 92599_.txt
    Nannos 92600c.txt
    Nannos 92601_.txt
    Nannos 93603b.txt
    Nannos 93603c.txt
    Nannos 93603_.txt
    Nannos 93604a.txt
    Nannos 93604_.txt
    Nannos 93605_.txt
    Nannos 94606a.txt
    Nannos 94606_.txt
    Nannos 94607a.txt
    Nannos 94607_.txt
    Nannos 94608a.txt
    Nannos 94608_.txt
    Nannos 94609a.txt
    Nannos 94609b.txt
    Nannos 94609c.txt
    Nannos 94609_.txt
    Nannos 94610a.txt
    Nannos 94610b.txt
    Nannos 94610c.txt
    Nannos 94610d.txt
    Nannos 94610e.txt
    Nannos 94610_.txt
    Nannos 94611a.txt
    Nannos 94611b.txt
    Nannos 94611c.txt
    Nannos 94611d.txt
    Nannos 94611e.txt
    Nannos 94611_.txt
    Nannos 95612_.txt
    Nannos 95613_.txt
    Nannos 96614a.txt
    Nannos 96614_.txt
    Nannos 96615_.txt
    Nannos 96616_.txt
    Nannos 96617_.txt
    Nannos 96618_.txt
    Nannos 96619_.txt
    Nannos 96620_.txt
    Nannos 96621_.txt
    Nannos 96622_.txt
    Nannos 96623_.txt
    Nannos 96624_.txt

    Ostracodes - 31 files

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    Ostracods 11100_.txt
    Ostracods 11105_.txt
    Ostracods 13124_.txt
    Ostracods 13129a.txt
    Ostracods 13129_.txt
    Ostracods 13132_.txt
    Ostracods 13134_.txt
    Ostracods 24237_.txt
    Ostracods 24238_.txt
    Ostracods 32305_.txt
    Ostracods 32306_.txt
    Ostracods 34319_.txt
    Ostracods 34320b.txt
    Ostracods 34320_.txt
    Ostracods 42371_.txt
    Ostracods 42372_.txt
    Ostracods 42375_.txt
    Ostracods 42376_.txt
    Ostracods 44390_.txt
    Ostracods 44392a.txt
    Ostracods 48400a.txt
    Ostracods 48401_.txt
    Ostracods 48403_.txt
    Ostracods 48404_.txt
    Ostracods 48405_.txt
    Ostracods 48406_.txt
    Ostracods 56435_.txt
    Ostracods 87582b.txt
    Ostracods 87583_.txt
    Ostracods 95612_.txt
    Ostracods 95613_.txt

    Plant Phytoliths - 2 files

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    Phytoliths 13124_.txt
    Phytoliths 13130_.txt

    Planktonic Foraminifera - 414 files

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    PForams 01001_.txt
    PForams 01002_.txt
    PForams 01003_.txt
    PForams 01005_.txt
    PForams 01006_.txt
    PForams 01007_.txt
    PForams 02009_.txt
    PForams 02010_.txt
    PForams 02011a.txt
    PForams 02011_.txt
    PForams 02012c.txt
    PForams 04023_.txt
    PForams 04024_.txt
    PForams 04025_.txt
    PForams 04026_.txt
    PForams 04029b.txt
    PForams 04029_.txt
    PForams 04030_.txt
    PForams 04031_.txt
    PForams 06044_.txt
    PForams 06047a.txt
    PForams 06047b.txt
    PForams 06047_.txt
    PForams 06048b.txt
    PForams 07062a.txt
    PForams 07062_.txt
    PForams 07064a.txt
    PForams 07064_.txt
    PForams 08071_.txt
    PForams 08072_.txt
    PForams 08073_.txt
    PForams 08074_.txt
    PForams 09076a.txt
    PForams 09076_.txt
    PForams 09077a.txt
    PForams 09077b.txt
    PForams 09078_.txt
    PForams 09079a.txt
    PForams 09079_.txt
    PForams 09080a.txt
    PForams 09080_.txt
    PForams 09081_.txt
    PForams 09082a.txt
    PForams 09082_.txt
    PForams 09083a.txt
    PForams 09083_.txt
    PForams 09084_.txt
    PForams 11098_.txt
    PForams 11102_.txt
    PForams 11103_.txt
    PForams 11104_.txt
    PForams 11106b.txt
    PForams 11106_.txt
    PForams 11108_.txt
    PForams 14135_.txt
    PForams 14136_.txt
    PForams 14138_.txt
    PForams 14139_.txt
    PForams 14140a.txt
    PForams 14140_.txt
    PForams 14141_.txt
    PForams 14142_.txt
    PForams 14144a.txt
    PForams 14144b.txt
    PForams 14144_.txt
    PForams 15146_.txt
    PForams 15147c.txt
    PForams 15147_.txt
    PForams 15148_.txt
    PForams 15149_.txt
    PForams 15150_.txt
    PForams 15151_.txt
    PForams 15153_.txt
    PForams 15154a.txt
    PForams 15154_.txt
    PForams 16155_.txt
    PForams 16157_.txt
    PForams 16158_.txt
    PForams 16159_.txt
    PForams 16160_.txt
    PForams 16161a.txt
    PForams 16161_.txt
    PForams 17165a.txt
    PForams 17165_.txt
    PForams 17166_.txt
    PForams 17167_.txt
    PForams 17171_.txt
    PForams 18173_.txt
    PForams 18174a.txt
    PForams 18174_.txt
    PForams 18175_.txt
    PForams 18176_.txt
    PForams 18177a.txt
    PForams 18177_.txt
    PForams 18178_.txt
    PForams 18179_.txt
    PForams 18180_.txt
    PForams 18181_.txt
    PForams 18182_.txt
    PForams 19184b.txt
    PForams 19184_.txt
    PForams 19185_.txt
    PForams 19188_.txt
    PForams 19189_.txt
    PForams 19190_.txt
    PForams 19191a.txt
    PForams 19191_.txt
    PForams 19192_.txt
    PForams 20199_.txt
    PForams 20200a.txt
    PForams 20200_.txt
    PForams 20202_.txt
    PForams 21203_.txt
    PForams 21206_.txt
    PForams 21207a.txt
    PForams 21207_.txt
    PForams 21208_.txt
    PForams 21209_.txt
    PForams 21210_.txt
    PForams 22212_.txt
    PForams 22213_.txt
    PForams 22214_.txt
    PForams 22215_.txt
    PForams 22216a.txt
    PForams 22216_.txt
    PForams 22217_.txt
    PForams 23219a.txt
    PForams 23219_.txt
    PForams 23220_.txt
    PForams 23222_.txt
    PForams 23223_.txt
    PForams 23225_.txt
    PForams 23226_.txt
    PForams 23227_.txt
    PForams 23228_.txt
    PForams 23229a.txt
    PForams 23229_.txt
    PForams 23230_.txt
    PForams 24231_.txt
    PForams 24233a.txt
    PForams 24233_.txt
    PForams 24236_.txt
    PForams 24237_.txt
    PForams 24238_.txt
    PForams 25241_.txt
    PForams 26250a.txt
    PForams 26250_.txt
    PForams 26251a.txt
    PForams 26251_.txt
    PForams 26253_.txt
    PForams 26254_.txt
    PForams 26255_.txt
    PForams 26258a.txt
    PForams 26258_.txt
    PForams 27259_.txt
    PForams 27260_.txt
    PForams 27262_.txt
    PForams 27263_.txt
    PForams 28264a.txt
    PForams 28264_.txt
    PForams 28265_.txt
    PForams 28266_.txt
    PForams 28267_.txt
    PForams 28270_.txt
    PForams 28274_.txt
    PForams 29277_.txt
    PForams 29278a.txt
    PForams 29278_.txt
    PForams 29279a.txt
    PForams 29279_.txt
    PForams 29281a.txt
    PForams 29281_.txt
    PForams 29282_.txt
    PForams 29284a.txt
    PForams 29284_.txt
    PForams 31299_.txt
    PForams 31301_.txt
    PForams 32305_.txt
    PForams 32310_.txt
    PForams 32313_.txt
    PForams 33315a.txt
    PForams 33317a.txt
    PForams 33317b.txt
    PForams 33318_.txt
    PForams 34319_.txt
    PForams 35323_.txt
    PForams 35325_.txt
    PForams 36329_.txt
    PForams 37332a.txt
    PForams 37332_.txt
    PForams 37333a.txt
    PForams 37333_.txt
    PForams 37334_.txt
    PForams 37335_.txt
    PForams 39354_.txt
    PForams 39356_.txt
    PForams 39357_.txt
    PForams 39358_.txt
    PForams 39359_.txt
    PForams 40360_.txt
    PForams 40361_.txt
    PForams 40362a.txt
    PForams 40362_.txt
    PForams 40363_.txt
    PForams 40364_.txt
    PForams 41366a.txt
    PForams 41369a.txt
    PForams 42372_.txt
    PForams 42375_.txt
    PForams 42379a.txt
    PForams 45395_.txt
    PForams 45396_.txt
    PForams 47397_.txt
    PForams 47398a.txt
    PForams 47398b.txt
    PForams 47398d.txt
    PForams 47398_.txt
    PForams 48403_.txt
    PForams 48404_.txt
    PForams 48405_.txt
    PForams 48406_.txt
    PForams 49407_.txt
    PForams 49408_.txt
    PForams 49409_.txt
    PForams 49410_.txt
    PForams 49411a.txt
    PForams 49412_.txt
    PForams 51417a.txt
    PForams 51417b.txt
    PForams 51417d.txt
    PForams 51417_.txt
    PForams 52418_.txt
    PForams 53418b.txt
    PForams 54419_.txt
    PForams 54420a.txt
    PForams 54420_.txt
    PForams 54421_.txt
    PForams 54422_.txt
    PForams 54423_.txt
    PForams 54424a.txt
    PForams 54424b.txt
    PForams 54424_.txt
    PForams 54425_.txt
    PForams 54428_.txt
    PForams 55430a.txt
    PForams 55430b.txt
    PForams 55432a.txt
    PForams 55433a.txt
    PForams 56435a.txt
    PForams 56435_.txt
    PForams 57438a.txt
    PForams 57438_.txt
    PForams 57440a.txt
    PForams 57440b.txt
    PForams 57440_.txt
    PForams 58442a.txt
    PForams 58442b.txt
    PForams 58442_.txt
    PForams 58443_.txt
    PForams 58444_.txt
    PForams 59448a.txt
    PForams 59448_.txt
    PForams 59449_.txt
    PForams 59450_.txt
    PForams 59451_.txt
    PForams 60453_.txt
    PForams 60454a.txt
    PForams 60454_.txt
    PForams 60455_.txt
    PForams 60456a.txt
    PForams 60456_.txt
    PForams 60457_.txt
    PForams 60458_.txt
    PForams 60459b.txt
    PForams 60459_.txt
    PForams 60460a.txt
    PForams 61462_.txt
    PForams 62463_.txt
    PForams 62465a.txt
    PForams 62465_.txt
    PForams 62466_.txt
    PForams 63467_.txt
    PForams 63468a.txt
    PForams 63468b.txt
    PForams 63468_.txt
    PForams 63469_.txt
    PForams 63470a.txt
    PForams 63470_.txt
    PForams 63471_.txt
    PForams 63472_.txt
    PForams 63473_.txt
    PForams 64477_.txt
    PForams 64478_.txt
    PForams 64479_.txt
    PForams 64480_.txt
    PForams 64481a.txt
    PForams 64481_.txt
    PForams 65483b.txt
    PForams 65483c.txt
    PForams 65483_.txt
    PForams 67496_.txt
    PForams 67498a.txt
    PForams 67498_.txt
    PForams 67499a.txt
    PForams 67499b.txt
    PForams 67499_.txt
    PForams 67500_.txt
    PForams 68502a.txt
    PForams 68502b.txt
    PForams 68502c.txt
    PForams 68503a.txt
    PForams 68503b.txt
    PForams 71511_.txt
    PForams 71512a.txt
    PForams 71512_.txt
    PForams 71513a.txt
    PForams 72515a.txt
    PForams 72515b.txt
    PForams 72515_.txt
    PForams 72516a.txt
    PForams 72516f.txt
    PForams 72516_.txt
    PForams 72517_.txt
    PForams 72518_.txt
    PForams 73519_.txt
    PForams 73520_.txt
    PForams 73521_.txt
    PForams 73522a.txt
    PForams 73522_.txt
    PForams 73523_.txt
    PForams 73524_.txt
    PForams 74525a.txt
    PForams 74525b.txt
    PForams 74526a.txt
    PForams 74527_.txt
    PForams 74528_.txt
    PForams 74529_.txt
    PForams 75532b.txt
    PForams 76533a.txt
    PForams 76533_.txt
    PForams 76534_.txt
    PForams 80548_.txt
    PForams 80549a.txt
    PForams 80550_.txt
    PForams 84565_.txt
    PForams 84566c.txt
    PForams 84566_.txt
    PForams 84567a.txt
    PForams 84567_.txt
    PForams 84568_.txt
    PForams 84569a.txt
    PForams 84569_.txt
    PForams 84570_.txt
    PForams 86580_.txt
    PForams 87582a.txt
    PForams 87582b.txt
    PForams 87582_.txt
    PForams 87583a.txt
    PForams 87583d.txt
    PForams 87583f.txt
    PForams 87583g.txt
    PForams 87583_.txt
    PForams 87584_.txt
    PForams 89586b.txt
    PForams 90587_.txt
    PForams 90588a.txt
    PForams 90588c.txt
    PForams 90588_.txt
    PForams 90589_.txt
    PForams 90590a.txt
    PForams 90590b.txt
    PForams 90590_.txt
    PForams 90591_.txt
    PForams 90592_.txt
    PForams 90593a.txt
    PForams 90593_.txt
    PForams 90594a.txt
    PForams 90594_.txt
    PForams 92597a.txt
    PForams 92597_.txt
    PForams 92598_.txt
    PForams 92599b.txt
    PForams 92599_.txt
    PForams 92600b.txt
    PForams 92600c.txt
    PForams 92600_.txt
    PForams 92601b.txt
    PForams 92601_.txt
    PForams 93603c.txt
    PForams 93604_.txt
    PForams 93605_.txt
    PForams 94606a.txt
    PForams 94606_.txt
    PForams 94607a.txt
    PForams 94607_.txt
    PForams 94608a.txt
    PForams 94608_.txt
    PForams 94609a.txt
    PForams 94609b.txt
    PForams 94609c.txt
    PForams 94609_.txt
    PForams 94610a.txt
    PForams 94610b.txt
    PForams 94610c.txt
    PForams 94610d.txt
    PForams 94610e.txt
    PForams 94610_.txt
    PForams 94611a.txt
    PForams 94611b.txt
    PForams 94611c.txt
    PForams 94611d.txt
    PForams 94611e.txt
    PForams 94611_.txt
    PForams 96619_.txt

    Pollen and Spores - 32 files

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    Pollen Spore 13125_.txt
    Pollen Spore 13128_.txt
    Pollen Spore 13130_.txt
    Pollen Spore 13131a.txt
    Pollen Spore 18173_.txt
    Pollen Spore 18174a.txt
    Pollen Spore 18174_.txt
    Pollen Spore 18175_.txt
    Pollen Spore 22214_.txt
    Pollen Spore 26254_.txt
    Pollen Spore 28270_.txt
    Pollen Spore 28274_.txt
    Pollen Spore 29280a.txt
    Pollen Spore 29281_.txt
    Pollen Spore 29282_.txt
    Pollen Spore 29283_.txt
    Pollen Spore 29284_.txt
    Pollen Spore 40365_.txt
    Pollen Spore 42374_.txt
    Pollen Spore 42375_.txt
    Pollen Spore 42379a.txt
    Pollen Spore 42380a.txt
    Pollen Spore 42380_.txt
    Pollen Spore 42381_.txt
    Pollen Spore 44391c.txt
    Pollen Spore 56436_.txt
    Pollen Spore 57438a.txt
    Pollen Spore 57439_.txt
    Pollen Spore 71511_.txt
    Pollen Spore 84565_.txt
    Pollen Spore 96618_.txt
    Pollen Spore 96619_.txt

    Radiolarians - 340 files

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    Rads 01006_.txt
    Rads 02008a.txt
    Rads 02008_.txt
    Rads 02009a.txt
    Rads 02010_.txt
    Rads 04027_.txt
    Rads 04028_.txt
    Rads 04029b.txt
    Rads 04029_.txt
    Rads 04030_.txt
    Rads 04031_.txt
    Rads 06047a.txt
    Rads 06047b.txt
    Rads 06047_.txt
    Rads 06048b.txt
    Rads 06049_.txt
    Rads 06050a.txt
    Rads 06051a.txt
    Rads 06051_.txt
    Rads 06053a.txt
    Rads 06053b.txt
    Rads 06053_.txt
    Rads 06054_.txt
    Rads 06055_.txt
    Rads 06056b.txt
    Rads 06057a.txt
    Rads 06057_.txt
    Rads 06058b.txt
    Rads 06059b.txt
    Rads 07062a.txt
    Rads 07062_.txt
    Rads 07063a.txt
    Rads 07063b.txt
    Rads 07063_.txt
    Rads 07064a.txt
    Rads 07064_.txt
    Rads 07065a.txt
    Rads 07065_.txt
    Rads 07066a.txt
    Rads 07066_.txt
    Rads 08068_.txt
    Rads 08069a.txt
    Rads 08069_.txt
    Rads 08070a.txt
    Rads 08070_.txt
    Rads 08071a.txt
    Rads 08071_.txt
    Rads 08072a.txt
    Rads 08072_.txt
    Rads 08073_.txt
    Rads 08074_.txt
    Rads 09077a.txt
    Rads 09077b.txt
    Rads 09077_.txt
    Rads 09078_.txt
    Rads 09079a.txt
    Rads 09079_.txt
    Rads 09080a.txt
    Rads 09080_.txt
    Rads 09081_.txt
    Rads 09082a.txt
    Rads 09082_.txt
    Rads 09083a.txt
    Rads 09083_.txt
    Rads 09084_.txt
    Rads 10086_.txt
    Rads 10094_.txt
    Rads 10095_.txt
    Rads 10096_.txt
    Rads 10097_.txt
    Rads 12116a.txt
    Rads 12116_.txt
    Rads 12119_.txt
    Rads 13120_.txt
    Rads 13121_.txt
    Rads 13127_.txt
    Rads 13128_.txt
    Rads 13129b.txt
    Rads 14138_.txt
    Rads 14139_.txt
    Rads 14140a.txt
    Rads 14140_.txt
    Rads 14142_.txt
    Rads 14144a.txt
    Rads 14144b.txt
    Rads 14144_.txt
    Rads 15146_.txt
    Rads 15149_.txt
    Rads 15150_.txt
    Rads 15151_.txt
    Rads 15152_.txt
    Rads 15153_.txt
    Rads 16155_.txt
    Rads 16156_.txt
    Rads 16157a.txt
    Rads 16157_.txt
    Rads 16158_.txt
    Rads 16159_.txt
    Rads 16160_.txt
    Rads 16161a.txt
    Rads 16161_.txt
    Rads 16162_.txt
    Rads 16163_.txt
    Rads 17164_.txt
    Rads 17165a.txt
    Rads 17165_.txt
    Rads 17166a.txt
    Rads 17166_.txt
    Rads 17167_.txt
    Rads 17168_.txt
    Rads 17170_.txt
    Rads 17171_.txt
    Rads 18173_.txt
    Rads 18175_.txt
    Rads 18176_.txt
    Rads 18177a.txt
    Rads 18177_.txt
    Rads 18178_.txt
    Rads 18179_.txt
    Rads 19183_.txt
    Rads 19184_.txt
    Rads 19185_.txt
    Rads 19186_.txt
    Rads 19187_.txt
    Rads 19188_.txt
    Rads 19189_.txt
    Rads 19190_.txt
    Rads 19191a.txt
    Rads 19191_.txt
    Rads 19192_.txt
    Rads 19193_.txt
    Rads 21204_.txt
    Rads 21205_.txt
    Rads 21206c.txt
    Rads 21206_.txt
    Rads 21208_.txt
    Rads 22212_.txt
    Rads 22213_.txt
    Rads 22214_.txt
    Rads 22215_.txt
    Rads 22216a.txt
    Rads 22216_.txt
    Rads 22217_.txt
    Rads 23219_.txt
    Rads 23220_.txt
    Rads 23223_.txt
    Rads 24232a.txt
    Rads 24232_.txt
    Rads 24233a.txt
    Rads 24233_.txt
    Rads 24235_.txt
    Rads 24236_.txt
    Rads 24237_.txt
    Rads 24238_.txt
    Rads 25248_.txt
    Rads 27259_.txt
    Rads 27260_.txt
    Rads 27261_.txt
    Rads 27262_.txt
    Rads 27263_.txt
    Rads 28264_.txt
    Rads 28265_.txt
    Rads 28266_.txt
    Rads 28267a.txt
    Rads 28267b.txt
    Rads 28267_.txt
    Rads 28268_.txt
    Rads 28269a.txt
    Rads 28269_.txt
    Rads 28274_.txt
    Rads 29275_.txt
    Rads 29278_.txt
    Rads 29280a.txt
    Rads 29281_.txt
    Rads 30285a.txt
    Rads 30285_.txt
    Rads 30286_.txt
    Rads 30287_.txt
    Rads 30289_.txt
    Rads 31290a.txt
    Rads 31290_.txt
    Rads 31291a.txt
    Rads 31291_.txt
    Rads 31292_.txt
    Rads 31296_.txt
    Rads 31297_.txt
    Rads 31298_.txt
    Rads 31299_.txt
    Rads 31301_.txt
    Rads 31302_.txt
    Rads 32310_.txt
    Rads 32313_.txt
    Rads 33317b.txt
    Rads 35322_.txt
    Rads 35323_.txt
    Rads 35324_.txt
    Rads 35325_.txt
    Rads 40360_.txt
    Rads 40362_.txt
    Rads 40365_.txt
    Rads 41366a.txt
    Rads 41366_.txt
    Rads 41368_.txt
    Rads 41369a.txt
    Rads 42372_.txt
    Rads 44390a.txt
    Rads 44391a.txt
    Rads 49407_.txt
    Rads 49408_.txt
    Rads 50415_.txt
    Rads 50416a.txt
    Rads 54419a.txt
    Rads 54419_.txt
    Rads 54420a.txt
    Rads 54420_.txt
    Rads 54421_.txt
    Rads 54422_.txt
    Rads 54423_.txt
    Rads 54424a.txt
    Rads 54424b.txt
    Rads 54424c.txt
    Rads 54424_.txt
    Rads 54425_.txt
    Rads 54427_.txt
    Rads 54428_.txt
    Rads 55433a.txt
    Rads 55433_.txt
    Rads 56434b.txt
    Rads 56434_.txt
    Rads 56435a.txt
    Rads 56435_.txt
    Rads 56436_.txt
    Rads 57438a.txt
    Rads 57438b.txt
    Rads 57438_.txt
    Rads 57439_.txt
    Rads 57440a.txt
    Rads 57440b.txt
    Rads 57440_.txt
    Rads 57441a.txt
    Rads 57441b.txt
    Rads 57441_.txt
    Rads 59448a.txt
    Rads 59448_.txt
    Rads 60453_.txt
    Rads 60454a.txt
    Rads 60454_.txt
    Rads 60455_.txt
    Rads 60456a.txt
    Rads 60456_.txt
    Rads 61462a.txt
    Rads 61462_.txt
    Rads 63467_.txt
    Rads 63468a.txt
    Rads 63468b.txt
    Rads 63468_.txt
    Rads 63469_.txt
    Rads 63470a.txt
    Rads 63470_.txt
    Rads 63471_.txt
    Rads 63472_.txt
    Rads 63473_.txt
    Rads 64474a.txt
    Rads 64474_.txt
    Rads 64475b.txt
    Rads 64475_.txt
    Rads 64476_.txt
    Rads 65483c.txt
    Rads 65483_.txt
    Rads 65484a.txt
    Rads 65485a.txt
    Rads 65485_.txt
    Rads 66487_.txt
    Rads 66488_.txt
    Rads 66489a.txt
    Rads 66489_.txt
    Rads 66490_.txt
    Rads 66491_.txt
    Rads 66492a.txt
    Rads 66492_.txt
    Rads 66493b.txt
    Rads 66493_.txt
    Rads 67494a.txt
    Rads 67494_.txt
    Rads 67495_.txt
    Rads 67496_.txt
    Rads 67497_.txt
    Rads 67499_.txt
    Rads 67500a.txt
    Rads 67500_.txt
    Rads 68503a.txt
    Rads 71511_.txt
    Rads 71512a.txt
    Rads 71512_.txt
    Rads 71513a.txt
    Rads 71514_.txt
    Rads 78541_.txt
    Rads 78543a.txt
    Rads 78543_.txt
    Rads 79545_.txt
    Rads 79547a.txt
    Rads 80548_.txt
    Rads 81552a.txt
    Rads 81552_.txt
    Rads 81553a.txt
    Rads 81554a.txt
    Rads 81554_.txt
    Rads 81555_.txt
    Rads 85571_.txt
    Rads 85572a.txt
    Rads 85572c.txt
    Rads 85572d.txt
    Rads 85573a.txt
    Rads 85573b.txt
    Rads 85573_.txt
    Rads 85574a.txt
    Rads 85574c.txt
    Rads 85574_.txt
    Rads 85575a.txt
    Rads 85575b.txt
    Rads 85575c.txt
    Rads 85575_.txt
    Rads 86577_.txt
    Rads 86578_.txt
    Rads 86579a.txt
    Rads 86579_.txt
    Rads 86580_.txt
    Rads 86581_.txt
    Rads 89586b.txt
    Rads 90592_.txt
    Rads 90594_.txt
    Rads 93603b.txt
    Rads 93603_.txt
    Rads 94607_.txt
    Rads 94608_.txt
    Rads 94609_.txt
    Rads 94610_.txt
    Rads 95612_.txt
    Rads 95613_.txt
    Rads 96618_.txt

    Rhyncollites - 2 files

    Rhyncollites 41367_.txt
    Rhyncollites 44391c.txt

    Silicoflagellates - 175 files

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    Silicoflag 05033_.txt
    Silicoflag 07064a.txt
    Silicoflag 07064_.txt
    Silicoflag 07065a.txt
    Silicoflag 07065_.txt
    Silicoflag 07066a.txt
    Silicoflag 07066_.txt
    Silicoflag 08069_.txt
    Silicoflag 09077b.txt
    Silicoflag 13124_.txt
    Silicoflag 13127_.txt
    Silicoflag 13128_.txt
    Silicoflag 13130_.txt
    Silicoflag 16157a.txt
    Silicoflag 16157_.txt
    Silicoflag 16158_.txt
    Silicoflag 16161a.txt
    Silicoflag 16163_.txt
    Silicoflag 17165a.txt
    Silicoflag 17166_.txt
    Silicoflag 17167_.txt
    Silicoflag 18173_.txt
    Silicoflag 19183_.txt
    Silicoflag 19184_.txt
    Silicoflag 19185_.txt
    Silicoflag 19186_.txt
    Silicoflag 19187_.txt
    Silicoflag 19188_.txt
    Silicoflag 19189_.txt
    Silicoflag 19190_.txt
    Silicoflag 19191a.txt
    Silicoflag 19191_.txt
    Silicoflag 19192_.txt
    Silicoflag 19193_.txt
    Silicoflag 20195_.txt
    Silicoflag 21205_.txt
    Silicoflag 21206c.txt
    Silicoflag 21206_.txt
    Silicoflag 21207a.txt
    Silicoflag 21208_.txt
    Silicoflag 22213_.txt
    Silicoflag 22215_.txt
    Silicoflag 22216_.txt
    Silicoflag 22217_.txt
    Silicoflag 24238_.txt
    Silicoflag 28264_.txt
    Silicoflag 28266_.txt
    Silicoflag 28267a.txt
    Silicoflag 28267b.txt
    Silicoflag 28267_.txt
    Silicoflag 28269_.txt
    Silicoflag 28274_.txt
    Silicoflag 29275_.txt
    Silicoflag 29277_.txt
    Silicoflag 29278a.txt
    Silicoflag 29278_.txt
    Silicoflag 29280a.txt
    Silicoflag 29280_.txt
    Silicoflag 29281_.txt
    Silicoflag 29283_.txt
    Silicoflag 30285_.txt
    Silicoflag 30289_.txt
    Silicoflag 31292_.txt
    Silicoflag 31297_.txt
    Silicoflag 31299_.txt
    Silicoflag 31301_.txt
    Silicoflag 31302_.txt
    Silicoflag 32303_.txt
    Silicoflag 32304_.txt
    Silicoflag 32310_.txt
    Silicoflag 34321_.txt
    Silicoflag 35322_.txt
    Silicoflag 35323_.txt
    Silicoflag 35324_.txt
    Silicoflag 35325_.txt
    Silicoflag 36327a.txt
    Silicoflag 36328b.txt
    Silicoflag 36328_.txt
    Silicoflag 36329_.txt
    Silicoflag 37332b.txt
    Silicoflag 37333_.txt
    Silicoflag 37334_.txt
    Silicoflag 37335_.txt
    Silicoflag 38338_.txt
    Silicoflag 38339_.txt
    Silicoflag 38340_.txt
    Silicoflag 38341_.txt
    Silicoflag 38343_.txt
    Silicoflag 38348_.txt
    Silicoflag 39354_.txt
    Silicoflag 39356_.txt
    Silicoflag 39357_.txt
    Silicoflag 39358_.txt
    Silicoflag 40362_.txt
    Silicoflag 41369a.txt
    Silicoflag 41370_.txt
    Silicoflag 42378_.txt
    Silicoflag 42379a.txt
    Silicoflag 42380a.txt
    Silicoflag 42380_.txt
    Silicoflag 43384_.txt
    Silicoflag 43385_.txt
    Silicoflag 43386_.txt
    Silicoflag 44390a.txt
    Silicoflag 44391a.txt
    Silicoflag 44394a.txt
    Silicoflag 48406_.txt
    Silicoflag 49407_.txt
    Silicoflag 49408_.txt
    Silicoflag 49410_.txt
    Silicoflag 50415_.txt
    Silicoflag 50416a.txt
    Silicoflag 54419_.txt
    Silicoflag 54420_.txt
    Silicoflag 54425_.txt
    Silicoflag 54427_.txt
    Silicoflag 54428_.txt
    Silicoflag 55433a.txt
    Silicoflag 55433_.txt
    Silicoflag 57438a.txt
    Silicoflag 57438b.txt
    Silicoflag 57438_.txt
    Silicoflag 57440b.txt
    Silicoflag 59449_.txt
    Silicoflag 59450_.txt
    Silicoflag 59451_.txt
    Silicoflag 60452_.txt
    Silicoflag 60453_.txt
    Silicoflag 60454a.txt
    Silicoflag 60458_.txt
    Silicoflag 62464_.txt
    Silicoflag 62466_.txt
    Silicoflag 63467_.txt
    Silicoflag 63469_.txt
    Silicoflag 63470a.txt
    Silicoflag 63470_.txt
    Silicoflag 63471_.txt
    Silicoflag 63472_.txt
    Silicoflag 67495_.txt
    Silicoflag 68503a.txt
    Silicoflag 68503b.txt
    Silicoflag 69504_.txt
    Silicoflag 71511_.txt
    Silicoflag 71512a.txt
    Silicoflag 71512_.txt
    Silicoflag 71513a.txt
    Silicoflag 71513_.txt
    Silicoflag 71514_.txt
    Silicoflag 78543_.txt
    Silicoflag 81552a.txt
    Silicoflag 81552_.txt
    Silicoflag 81553a.txt
    Silicoflag 81554a.txt
    Silicoflag 81554_.txt
    Silicoflag 81555_.txt
    Silicoflag 82558a.txt
    Silicoflag 85575a.txt
    Silicoflag 90588c.txt
    Silicoflag 90591a.txt
    Silicoflag 90591b.txt
    Silicoflag 90591_.txt
    Silicoflag 90594a.txt
    Silicoflag 90594_.txt
    Silicoflag 93604_.txt
    Silicoflag 93605_.txt
    Silicoflag 94606a.txt
    Silicoflag 94606_.txt
    Silicoflag 94607_.txt
    Silicoflag 94609_.txt
    Silicoflag 94610a.txt
    Silicoflag 94610_.txt
    Silicoflag 94611c.txt
    Silicoflag 94611_.txt
    Silicoflag 95612_.txt
    Silicoflag 95613_.txt

    Trace Fossils - 7 files

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    Trace 42371_.txt
    Trace 42372_.txt
    Trace 42373a.txt
    Trace 42374_.txt
    Trace 42375_.txt
    Trace 42376_.txt
    Trace 42378_.txt