Dissertation Defenses 2016-2017

Date Time Candidate and Dissertation Title Location
Friday, August 26 1:00 pm Jonathan Delph. Crustal and Upper Mantle Structure of the Anatolian Plate: Imaging the Effects of Subduction Termination and Continental Collision with Seismic Techniques. ENR (USGS) 253
Thursday, September 1 2:00 pm Kevin M. Ward. Imaging the Lithospheric Structure of the Central Andes from the Joint Inversion of Multiple Seismic Data Sets. ENR (USGS) 253
Monday, November 14 10:00 am Andrew Laskowski. Tectonic Evolution of the Yarlung Suture Zone in Lopu Range and Lazi Regions, Central Southern Tibet. ENR (USGS) 253
Friday, December 2 1:30 pm Shaunna Morrison. Crystal chemistry of Martian minerals. ENR (USGS) 253
Wednesday, February 1 1:00 pm Steven Brewster Malevich. Cool-Season Moisture Delivery and Multi-Basin Streamflow Anomalies in the Western United States. Bryant Bannister (Tree-Ring) 110
Thursday, April 6 9:00 am Caleb King. Igneous Petrology, Geochronology, Alteration, and Mineralization Associated with Eocene Hydrothermal Systems in the Battle Mountain District, Nevada. ENR (USGS) 253
Friday, April 14 3:00 pm Benjamin Schumer. Mineralogy of Copper Sulfides in Porphyry Copper and Related Deposits. ENR (USGS) 253
May 1
1:00 pm Luke Parsons. Sources and Impacts of Modeled and Observed Low-Frequency Climate Variability. ENR2 (new building)
Friday, June 23 2:00 pm

Jordon Bright. Multi-disciplinary paleoenvironmental context for the integration of the lower Colorado River corridor, the Bouse Formation, CA-AZ, USA, and Late Pleistocene human evolution, the Koora Plain, southern Kenya.

Bryant Bannister (Tree Ring) 424

Wednesday, July 5 2:00 pm Simone Runyon. Deep hydrothermal alteration in porphyry copper systems: insights from the Laramide arc


ENR (USGS) 253
Monday, August 14 2:00 pm

James Broermann. Alignment of post-Atlantic-rifting Volcanic Features on the Guinea Plateau, West Africa, and Present-day Deformation in the Southwest United States from GPS Geodesy.

G-S 228A
Thursday, August 17 9:00 am Andrea Stevens. Regional Exhumation and Basinal Evolution of the Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina. ENR (USGS) 253
Thursday, August 17 2:00 pm James Worthington. Paleozoic-Cenozoic Tectonics of Central Asia.

ENR (USGS) 253





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