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The Center for Mineral Resources (CMR) is the research co-op between the University of Arizona, the U.S. Geological Survey, and partners in industry and other organizations. With the formalization of the Institute for Mineral Resources (2009), the CMR becomes a key component of the larger interdisciplinary effort related to sustainability and mineral resources.

The focus of the CMR has been on geologic research, education and service applied to issues related to mineral deposits, but with interdisciplinary collaborations with other departments on campus. Support has come from many sources, including the USGS Mineral Resources Program, the US National Science Foundation, and more than 20 companies.

Over that least 15 years, nearly 100 graduate and undergraduate students and post-doctoral scholars have been involved in CMR-sponsored research and thesis projects. Among many topics, two major themes have been:

  • Metallogeny of SW North America (US and Mexico)
  • Life cycles of mineral deposits (principally porphyry copper deposits)
  • Deposit-focused studies (porphyry Cu, IOCG, epithermal and Carlin Au, etc.)
  • Geochemical and geochronological applications including novel techniques (e.g., Re-Os, Cu isotopes, . . .)
  • Basic research on magmatism and tectonics related to ore-forming processes and the fates of deposits

An integral part of the CMR is the Lowell Program in Economic Geology which offers several short courses per year, and a 1-year, non-thesis, industry-oriented Professional Science Masters degree.

The CMR was founded in 1993 and has been directed by Mark Barton. Robert Kamilli and Eric Force have served as USGS co-directors. Many others from the USGS, the UA, other universities, and industry have been involved over the years.



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