Research | Biogeochemistry

Professor and students wading in water taking measurements Biogeochemistry is a relatively new field that studies the interactions between the biological, geological and chemical components of the Earth's environment that affect the cycling of climatically-relevant elements like carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and silicon. These dynamics are influenced by interactions between organisms and their surroundings, including water, air, soil and sediments.


Andy Cohen - Stratigraphy, paleobiology
Timothy Jull - AMS of radiocarbon and other cosmogenic isotopes
Jay Quade - Soil geochemistry
Joellen Russell - Biogeochemistry, oceanography, climate dynamics and modeling

Jessica Tierney - Geochemistry, biogeochemistry, drought, reconstruction & modeling


Warren Beck - Paleoclimate, climate change
David Dettman - Light Stable Isotopes
Paul Goodman - Ocean & climate modeling
Allister Rees - Paleoecology, paleontology

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