Research Group

Principal Investigator

Peter Reiners
Geochemistry thermochronology applications in earth & planetary science
Department Faculty

Research Scientists & Postdoctoral Fellows

Julien Amalberti
PhD. 2015
Centre de Recherche Pétrographique et Géochimique
Université de Lorraine, France

Allen Schaen
PhD. 2018
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ph.D & Graduate studients

Lydia Bailey
PhD. expected in 2022
University of Arizona

Brandon Levenstein
PhD. expected in 2024
University of Arizona
Undergradute students

Shelby Lockhart
BSc expected in May 2022
University of Arizona
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Maria Snyder
BSc expected May in 2020
University of Arizona
Major: Geoscience (Earth, Ocean, and Climate)
Staffs and Visitors

Alex Pritika
Laboratory Coordinator
University of Arizona

Audrey Margirier
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Potsdam
Co-Principal Investigators

George Gehrels
University Distinguished Professor
University of Arizona

Timothy D. Swindle
University of Arizona

Alexis K. Ault
Assistant Professor
Utah State University

Lin Ma
Associate Professor
University of Texas at El Paso