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Arizona Noble Gas Laboratory

Welcome to the Noble Gas Geochemistry and Geochronology Research Group at the University of Arizona. We study noble gases in a diversity of geological samples as rock, mineral, and water samples, for geochronologic and geochemical studies in Earth, planetary, and environmental science.

The Arizona Noble Gas Laboratory is equipped with two new multi-collector gas-source sector mass spectrometer and two sample extraction and purification lines including devices for gases extracting using induction furnace and laser heating, crushing of fluid-inclusions, and exsolution from fluids. State of the art high-resolution, high-sensitivity, and multi-collection capabilities of the mass spectrometers will enable simultaneous measurement of all isotopes of most of the noble gases. Important research focus will include 1) geo- and thermochronology using the 40Ar/ 39Ar system for applications in tectonic, detrital, volcanic, and fault-systems; 2) low-temperature 3He/ 4He thermochronology and understanding helium mobility in minerals; 3) cosmogenic and nucleogenic 21Ne dating for geomorphic applications and for dating secondary minerals like iron oxides; and 4) isotopic compositions and concentrations of noble gases for tracing the fluxes and evolution of subsurface fluid-rock systems.

In addition to serving researchers and students at the University of Arizona, Utah State University, and University of Texas El Paso, the facility will also provide analytical services and research experience opportunities for collaborators at a variety of institutions, including universities and liberal arts colleges, through analyses and workshops for diverse cohorts of students.


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Upcoming Induction furnace

We will soon be installing a brand new high temperature induction vacuum furnace for the complete extraction of all noble gases from virtually any geological material. Stay tuned.

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CO2 laser is now in operation

The ANGL is happy to have a new CO2 laser for 40Ar/ 39Ar dating application.
Please contact us for additional information on 40Ar/ 39Ar dating services.

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Peter Reiners
40Ar/ 39Ar and K/Ar Inquiries
Allen Schaen
Tracing in terrestrial materials (Groundwater, Gas, Fluid Inclusion and Mineral) Inquiries
Julien Amalberti

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    Arizona Noble Gas Laboratory
    1040 East 4th Street
    Gould-Simpson building, Room#123
    Department of Geosciences
    University of Arizona
    Tucson, AZ 85721 USA

About Us

The ANGL is a new noble gas laboratory with two noble gas extraction and purification lines for crustal fluids, groundwater, rocks and mineral samples. ANGL seeks to serve research and training needs for collaborators in academia, government, and industry collaborators worldwide.