Undergraduate Students


Why study Geosciences?

UA Geosciences students and faculty are involved in everything from predicting earthquakes to finding and extracting minerals from mines to monitoring coral reefs. We even have a project on Mars! We work outside, in laboratories, and on computers.

What is geosciences?

Geologists study the Earth. We look at the Earth’s origins and how it has changed, and continues to change, over time. We study all of the Earth’s components, from its core to the highest mountains and from its thousands of different minerals to its interaction with the rest of our solar system. We encourage our undergraduates to participate in research, and our students and faculty work closely with many other exciting departments, such as Planetary Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, and Physics. 

The University of Arizona Geosciences Department provides a top-ranked program with an exciting field-based environment for students. All Major options require students to participate in a Summer Field Camp that provides hands-on experience, or to complete research alongside one of our world-renowned faculty members. Tucson's proximity to four mountain ranges and an exceptionally diverse desert allow us to study the Earth by driving minutes in any direction. Tucson is also less than a day's drive away from the Gulf of California, the Grand Canyon, and White Sands National Monument!

Next Steps

Prospective undergraduate students can learn more by visiting our prospective students page. To schedule an appointment with an advisor to learn more about the program, please select “Advising” in the menu to the left. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing more about this growing, exciting field!