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University of Arizona Geosciences is distinguished not only by our excellent research and graduate programs but also by our strong and exceptionally accessible undergraduate program. Our undergraduate majors take a broad and challenging range of Earth science courses from outstanding faculty who recognize that there is no substitute for one-on-one learning from experts at the forefront of their fields.

While we are proud of our students' rigorous classroom and lab training, we know that real understanding in Earth science, as well as much greater chances of postgraduate success, requires something more: active engagement in research. Participating in real research alongside faculty and graduate students in the field or lab can spark the thrill of discovery and build practical and collaborative skills that can transform students' careers. We want our students to get out of the classroom routine and into the field and lab to map, analyze, measure, and discover. This research experience is one of the most valuable opportunities we can offer our students.

To fulfill this potential, UA Geosciences launched the George H. Davis Undergraduate Research Fund, honoring the legacy of Regents' Professor Emeritus, Provost Emeritus, and Honors College Professor George H. Davis, who has dedicated much of his career to personal mentoring and enriching student experience in and out of the classroom. George is a living legend of UA Geosciences who has inspired generations of geologists through his commitment to students, rigorous field observations, regional perspectives, and leadership of our profession at many levels. George's lasting impacts are many and diverse, but with this initiative we seek to particularly recognize his legendary commitment to undergraduate student experience and his tireless efforts to challenge and engage all students with real mentoring and research.

We began making awards from the George H. Davis Undergraduate fund in 2016 and seek applications for funding from our undergraduate students at the start of the fall and spring semesters. We are proud to support our undergraduate researchers in this way and are proud to ask our alumni and friends to share with us your appreciation for George Davis's legacy and your recognition of the importance of the undergraduate research experience. 


Meet all of our George H. Davis Undergraduate Research Fund recipients! 

New student researchers will be added to this list each semester.


Triffon Tatarin, fall 2016

Project Title: Localization of Fault Rocks and Chlorite Breccia on the Catalina Detachment Fault of the Rincon Mountains

Research Location: Rincon Mountains, Arizona

Faculty Research Advisor: George Davis

Tanner Grose, fall 2017 

Project Title: Fluid development along the Catalina-Rincon Detachment Fault

Research Location: Catalina-Rincon, Arizona

Faculty Research Advisor: George Davis

Jessie McCraw, fall 2017 

Project Title: Fossil Corals from the Galapagos

Research Location: Galapagos Islands

Faculty Research Advisor: Julia Cole

Sarah Patterson, fall 2017 

Project Title: Zircon U-Pb Dating on Potassium-Rich Andesite from Picacho Peak, Arizona

Research Location: Picacho, Arizona

Faculty Research Advisor: Peter DeCelles

Matthew Banaszynski, spring 2018 

Project Title: A Study of the Altai Mountains​

Research Location: Altai Mountains​

Faculty Research Advisor: Paul Kapp

Dan Collins, spring 2018 

Project Title: Zircon U-Pb Geochronology and Monazite U-Th-Pb Dating of the Greater Himalaya Sequence (GHS) Rocks 

Research Location: Greater Himalayan Sequence; Western Nepal

Faculty Research Advisor: Barbara Carrapa

Matthew Gabriel, spring 2018 

Project Title: Data Collection and Sample Acquisition for the Paradox basin, Colorado Plateau, project

Research Location: Paradox basin, Colorado Plateau

Faculty Research Advisor: Mark Barton and Peter Reiners



Arthur Osakwe (l) & Alex Pritika, spring 2018 

Project Title: Interpreting the Geologic History of Javelina Rocks 

Research Location: Javelina Rocks; Saguaro National Park; Tucson, AZ

Faculty Research Advisor: George H. Davis

Joshua Smith, spring 2018 

Project Title: The Age and Geochemistry of the Fort Crittenden Formation in Southwest Arizona

Research Location: Ft. Crittenden Formation; Southwest AZ

Faculty Research Advisor: Barbara Carrapa

Anahi Carrera, fall 2018 & spring 2019

Project title: U-Pb Age Mapping and U/Th of Detrital Zircons in Metasedimentary Rocks of the Coastal Mountains Batholith

Research Location: Coastal Mountains Batholith

Faculty Research Advisor: George Gehrels

Clare DeCelles, fall 2018 & spring 2019

Project title: A Geological Climbing Guide to Homestead

Research Location: Homestead trail near Winkleman, Arizona

Faculty Research Advisor: Paul Kapp

Dan Collins, fall 2018 & spring 2019

Project title: Apply Zircon Uranium-Lead Geochronology & Monazite U-Th-Pb dating to Greater Himalaya Sequence (GHS) rocks from western Nepal

Research Location: GHS rocks from Western Napal

Faculty Research Advisor: Barbara Carrapa

Joshua Smith, fall 2018

Project title: Addressing geochronology and geochemistry of the Fort Crittenden Formation and Salero Formation volcanics of southeast Arizona

Research Location: Volcanics of Southeast Arizona

Faculty Research Advisor: Barbara Carrapa

Maria Snyder, spring 2019

Project title: Climate and Oceanographic Change at Arno Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands over the past Millennium

Research Location: Arno Atoll in the Republic of Marshall Islands

Faculty Research Advisor: Diane Thompson



Michael Daniel, spring 2019

Project title: Thermo- and geochronologic study investigating the timing of deformation
and associated exhumation along the Apache Pass Fault

Research Location: Dos Cabezas Mountains,
South East Arizona

Faculty Research Advisor: Paul Kapp

Winston Bardsley, summer 2019

Project title: Plutons of the Sonoma Range, north-central Nevada - Summer 2019 Project

Research Location: North-Central Nevada

Faculty Research Advisor: Eric Seedorff

Ryan Harris, summer 2019

Project title: Mid-Mesozoic mineralized plutons in west-central Nevada - Summer 2019 Project

Research Location: West-Central Nevada

Faculty Research Advisor: Eric Seedorff



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