P. Jonathan Patchett

Photo of Jonathan PatchettP. Jonathan Patchett

Professor, Geochemistry and Radiogenic Isotopes








My main research interests (though retired since 2011)

Evolution of the mantle-crust-hydrosphere of the Earth over geologic time reflected by geochemistry and isotopes.   Specific broad projects from 1990 onwards: early crust-mantle evolution from Hf and Nd isotopes; origin of terrane components of orogenic belts; Nd isotopic and geochemical study of sedimentary provenance at continent scale; Sr isotopes and U-Th disequilibrium geochronology applied to Tertiary and Quaternary regional, environmental and climatic topics.



Office: Gould-Simpson Bldg. 507
Phone: 520-621-2070
Fax: 520-621-2672
Email: patchett@email.arizona.edu