Magnetic Domains to
Geologic Terranes

By Robert F. Butler

Originally published by
Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1992

Because this book is no longer in print and Blackwell has declined to print a second edition, I am publishing it myself using PageMaker and Adobe Acrobat in response to requests by colleagues at universities within the U.S. and around the world. The final product is composed of PDF files that require Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or above to view and to print. If you do not have Acrobat Reader 3.0 on your system, you must download it from Adobe at the link provided above. Note that an Acrobat Reader plug-in must be placed in the plug-in folder of your browser for you to link to these files and view them here. The compressed executable file that you download from Adobe should place these plug-ins in the proper folder when you execute it.

If you want to make additional hard copies of the book or individual chapters using a commercial firm, I recommend that you show them the signed statement of permission on page 2 of TOC/Preface to assure them that you are not violating any copyright.

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Chapter Title Size
TOC/Preface Table of Contents and Preface 29 k
Chapter 1 Introduction to Geomagnetism 186 k
Chapter 2 Ferromagnetic Minerals 158 k
Chapter 3 Origins of Natural Remanent Magnetism 290 k
Chapter 4 Sampling, Measurement, and Display of NRM 171 k
Chapter 5 Paleomagnetic Stability 169 k
Chapter 6 Statistics of Paleomagnetic Data 156 k
Chapter 7 Paleomagnetic Poles 380 k
Chapter 8 Special Topics in Rock Magnetism 180 k
Chapter 9 Geochronologic Applications 302 k
Chapter 10 Applications to Paleogeography 603 k
Chapter 11 Applications to Regional Tectonics 283 k
Appendix Derivations 140 k