2014-2015 MS, PSM and PhD Degrees Awarded

Sarah Elizabeth Baxter, PSM 2015
Calc-silicate alteration and ore characterization, ASARCO Mission Complex, Pima county, Arizona: implications for the optimization of molybdenum recovery
Mark Barton, advisor

Rebecca Caroli, MS 2015
Turning Over a New Leaf: an assessment of the dendrochronological potential of three indigenous ancient Egyptian trees
Pearce Paul Creasman, advisor

Edward A. Cross III, MS 2014
The structure, stratigraphy, and evolution of the lesser Himalaya of central Nepal
Peter DeCelles, advisor

Russ Edge, PhD 2014
Rifting of the Guinea margin in the equatorial Atlantic from 112 to 84 Ma: implications of paleo-reconstructions for structure and sea-surface circulation
Roy Johnson, advisor

Erin Harris-Park, MS 2014
The micromorphology of Younger Dryas-aged black mats from Nevada, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico
Vance Holliday, advisor

Austin A. Holland, PhD 2014
Imaging time dependent crustal deformation using GPS geodesy and induced seismicity, stress and optimal fault orientations in the North American midcontinent
Richard Bennett, advisor

Adam Hudson, PhD 2015
Regional precipitation pesponse to enhanced monsoon circulation through the Holocene using closed-basin paleolakes on the Tibetan Plateau
Jay Quade, Advisor

Mauricio Ibañez-Mejia, PhD 2014
Timing and rates of Precambrian crustal genesis and deformation in northern South America
Joaquin Ruiz, advisor

Andrew L. Kowler, PhD 2014
Late Pleistocene paleohydrologic reconstructions and radiocarbon dating in the southeastern basin and range, USA
Vance Holliday, advisor

Caitlin Anne Orem, PhD 2014
The frequency and magnitude of flood discharges and post-wildfire erosion in the southwestern U.S.
Jon Pelletier, advisor

Devon Anne Orme, PhD 2015
Basin Evolution and Exhumation of the Xigaze Forearc and Indus-Yarlung Suture Zone, Tibet.
Barbara Carrapa and Peter Reiners, advisors

Martin Pepper, PhD 2014
Magmatic history and crustal genesis of South America: constraints from U-Pb ages and Hf isotopes of detrital zircons in modern rivers
George Gehrels, advisor

Alissa Scire, PhD 2015
Imaging variations in the central Andean mantle and the subducting Nazca slab with teleseismic tomography
Susan Beck and George Zandt, advisors

Joshua C. Spinler, PhD 2014
Investigating crustal deformation associated with the north America-Pacific plate boundary in southern California with GPS geodesy
Richard Bennett, advisor