2013-2014 MS, PSM and PhD Degrees Awarded

Erica Renee Bigio, PhD 2013
Late Holocene Fire and Climate History of the Western San Juan Mountains, Colorado: Results from Alluvial Stratigraphy and Tree-Ring Methods              
Thomas Swetnam, advisor

Elias Morgan Bloch, PhD 2013
Diffusion Kinetics of Lutetium and Hafnium in Garnet and Clinopyroxene: Experimental Determination and Consequences for ¹⁷⁶LU-¹⁷⁶HF Geochronometry             
Jiba Ganguly, advisor

Ada R. Dominguez, MS 2014
Significance of climate and magmatism on copper-bearing deposits and Implications for ore-forming processes
Mark Barton, advisor

Russ Edge, PhD 2014
Rifting of the Guinea margin in the equatorial Atlantic from 112 to 84 Ma: implications of paleo-reconstructions for structure and sea-surface circulation
Roy Johnson, advisor

Nathan Samuel Evenson, MS 2013
Hematite And Mn Oxide (U-Th)/He dates from the Buckskin-Rawhide detachment system, western Arizona: constraining the timing of mineralization and gaining insights into hematite (U-Th)/He systematics
Peter Reiners, advisor

Hannah Isabel Fay, PhD 2014
Studies of copper-cobalt mineralization at Tenke-Fungurume, Central African Copperbelt; and developments in geology between 1550 and 1750 A.D.
Mark Barton, advisor

James Daniel Girardi, PhD 2014
Comparative Mesozoic magmatic evolution and development of iron oxide(-copper-gold) (‘IOCG’) mineralization of northern Chile and the western United States
Mark Barton, advisor

William Rexford Guenthner, PhD 2013
Zircon (U-Th)/He dates from radiation damaged crystals: A new damage-He diffusivity model for the zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronometer   
Peter Reiners, advisor

Aryn Kinley Hoge, MS 2014
The Jackson-Lawton-Bowman normal fault system and its relationship to Carlin-type gold mineralization, Eureka district, Nevada
Eric Seedorff, advisor

Cullen D. Kortyna, MS 2013
Structural and thermochronologic constraints on kinematics, timing and shortening during inversion of the Salta rift into the Andean fold-thrust belt, northwest Argentina       
Peter DeCelles, advisor

Mauro Joel Melgar Pauca, MS 2014
Epithermal mineralization associated with diatreme breccia and rhyolitic dome, La Miel, Haiti
Eric Seedorff, advisor

Jason D. Mizer, PSM 2013
Uranium-lead geochronology of magmatism in the central mining district, New Mexico   
Mark Barton, advisor

Clayton S. Painter, PhD 2013
Sequence stratigraphy, geodynamics, and detrital geothermochronology of cretaceous foreland basin deposits, western interior U.S.A.
Barbara Carrapa, advisor

Mark E. Pecha, MS 2013
Detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology and Hf isotope geochemistry of the Yukon-Tanana terrane, Coast Mountains, southeast Alaska     
George Gehrels, advisor

Carson A. Richardson, MS 2014
Reconstruction of normal fault blocks in the Ann-Mason and Blue Hill areas, Yerington district, Nevada         
Eric Seedorff, advisor

Cody Craig Routson, PhD 2014
The context of megadrought: multiproxy paleoenvironmental perspectives from the south San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Jonathan Overpeck and Connie Woodhouse, advisors

Simone E. Runyon, MS 2013
Contrasting Fe oxide-rich mineralization in the Yerington district, Nevada              
Mark Barton, advisor

Diane Thompson, PhD 2013
Variability and trends in the tropical pacific and the El Niño-southern oscillation inferred from coral and lake archives
Julia Cole, advisor