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Jibamitra Ganguly

Professor, Petrology, Physical Geochemistry, and Mineralogy





My research covers a wide spectrum of topics in petrology, mineralogy, tectonics, geochronology, geochemistry and planetary sciences, which are related to the core theme of my research on thermodynamics, phase equilibrium, and diffusion kinetics in relation to terrestrial and planetary processes.

Research Projects

Long-term research projects are as follows:

  • Diffusion kinetics, thermobarometry and tectono-metamorphic processes: Fundamental aspects, modeling and applications
  • Crystal kinetics (diffusion and order-disorder) and thermodynamic studies of planetary materials, and integration with thermal modeling to constrain the thermal histories of meteorite parent bodies, early solar system chronology (using short-lived decay systems), and size of planetesimals
  • Closure-temperatures and -age profiles of minerals in cooling geochronological systems, and applications to the thermochronology of terrestrial and planetary problems
  • Experimental and theoretical studies of the energetic properties (thermodynamic, crystal chemical, diffusion and order-disorder) of minerals

Some new projects include:

  • Subduction zone dynamics: Interplay among the thermal and mineralogical processes in the subduction zone environments, density structure of subducting slab and surrounding mantle & implications for plate subduction
  • Mineral stabilities in the Earth's interior
  • Trace element evolution of magmas incorporating the diffusion kinetic and dynamic effects, and their applications to constrain the source regions for magma generation, extent of partial melting and magma dynamics
  • Adiabatic melting process in the mantle and mantle plumes

Lab Facilities

  • Two Piston-cylinder apparatii, one of which has a kiloton force capacity (and can be converted to a multianvil press for experiments to pressure of ~ 15 GPa)
  • The kiloton press is equipped with facilities for insitu differential thermal analysis (DTA) studies to determine melting temperature as a function of pressure, compressibility measurements, and controlled heating-cooling experiments at high pressure
  • Many hydrothermal apparatii for experiments at low pressure including rapid quench experiments
  • Controlled gas atmosphere furnaces with controlled heating-cooling facilities
  • A thermogravimetric setup for insitu reaction kinetic study by continuous monitoring of weight loss
  • Powder x-ray diffractometer
  • Thin film deposition set up

Supporting Facilities

  • Mineral Physics Laboratory (Dr. Robert F. Downs): 2 four circle single crystal x-ray diffractometers, Raman spectroscope, Diamond cells
  • Chemistry Department: An area detector single crystal diffractometer (routinely used by us)
  • Planetary Science: Multi-anvil press (Prof. Mike Drake), Electron microprobe (joint facility)
  • Arizona State University : Ion probe (long-term collaborator: Dr. Rick Hervig)

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Office: Gould-Simpson Bldg. 532
Phone: 520-621-6006
Fax: 520-621-2672
E-mail: ganguly@email.arizona.edu