David Dettman

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David Dettman

Research Scientist, Stable Isotope Geochemistry






Manager of the University of Arizona's Environmental Isotope Laboratory, a university-wide facility for stable isotope measurement.

Current Research:

Some of my publications

Classes Taught:

  • Stable Isotopes and Paleoenvironmental Interpretation. GEOS 466/566
    Team-taught with Jay Quade – 3 credit graduate/undergraduate class.
    Lecture and paper discussion format. Laboratory project included.
    Fall semester, even years.

Educational Background:

  • 1994 Ph.D. Department of Geological Sciences, University of Michigan; Advisor: K. C Lohmann; Dissertation Title: Stable Isotope Studies of Fresh-Water Bivalves (Unionidae) and Ostracodes (Podocopida): Implications for Late Cretaceous / Paleogene and Early Holocene Paleoclimatology and Paleohydrology of North America
  • 1991 M.S. Department of Geological Sciences, University of Michigan
  • 1989 M.A. Department of History, University of Michigan
  • 1980 B.A. Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of Michigan

Office: Gould-Simpson Bldg. 320
Phone: 520-621-4618
Fax: 520-621-2672
Email: dettman@email.arizona.edu