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Andrew Cohen

University Distinguished Professor
Joint Professor, Geosciences and
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology





My research area is paleolimnology, the interpretation of lake history from sedimentary and paleontological records. Most of my work to date has involved studies of depositional environments, paleoecology, and climate history of the African Rift Lakes and the arid climate lakes of the western US. I use paleoecological and sedimentological records as primary tools in the interpretation of lake deposits, from both outcrops and sediment cores.

Active Research Projects

I currently have major projects in the following areas:


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Completed Research Projects


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Normally, I teach the following classes:

  • GEOS 302-Principles of Stratigraphy and Sedimentology (Fall)
  • GEOS412-Ocean Science (Spring, with J. Cole)
  • GEOS 596D-Seminar. I offer seminars annually (usually in the spring semester) in paleolimnology, alternating every other year with more specialized subjects to be announced.


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Laboratory of Paleolimnology

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     Office: Gould-Simpson Bldg. 325
     Phone: 520-621-4691
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