NATS 104 Mount Lemmon Field Trip

    Depart 8:00 AM, north side Gould Simpson
    Return before 5:00 PM
    Sign-up sheets will be posted one week before
    Report (50 points) handed in at the end of the field trip.

    Read field trip section in syllabus.

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Foothills paloverde at McDonald Park Catclaw acacia and mistletoe at McDonald Park Under the spreading mesquite tree at McDonald Park
Gossipium thurberi at Molino Basin Yucca, Nolina and Manzanita at Molino Basin Dasylirion wheeleri (manzanita & oak) at Molino Basin
Pines and Oaks in Bear Canyon Mt Bigelo fall colors aspen (distant) and gambel oak (foreground) Mt Bigelo fall colors bigtooth maple
Mt Bigelo fall colors Acer grandidentatum Mt Bigelo mixed conifer forest Mt Bigelo mixed conifer forest in the rain
Molino Basin Rain Mt. Bigelow north-slope Lecture on Mt. Bigelow
McDonald Park Overpeck 2003 Molino Basin Creek 2003 Lecture on Mt. Bigelow 2003
Field Trip Guide (2001)
Instructor/s Guide (2001)