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Opportunities to join the Tierney Lab

Graduate Students

PhD in Paleoclimate of the North American Monsoon

I am looking for a PhD student, starting in 2018, to study past variability of the North American monsoon. This exciting project will illuminate the mechanisms that influence the North American monsoon, a summertime circulation that brings much-needed rain to the arid southwest US and northwestern Mexico. Although this system is critical for sustaining the ecosystems and people living in these regions, we know very little about how the monsoon will respond to climate change. The past may hold some clues. To figure this out, we will use leaf wax isotopes, measured in marine sediments from the Gulf of California and Mexican margin, to reconstruct monsoon intensity and vegetation change. The focus of the PhD will be studying the monsoon across the last glacial cycle, with an emphasis on the last interglacial period. Time permitting, we will also explore monsoon changes in the last millennium using high-resolution sediment cores. The PhD also offers local education and outreach opportunities in collaboration with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Qualifications: MS (preferred) or BS/BA degree in Geology, Environmental Science, or a related discipline. Strong academic record (see our graduate program FAQ for specific guidelines on GPA/GRE). Willingness to learn and master organic geochemical laboratory techniques. Good communication and writing skills.

If you are interested in this PhD, please contact me and attach your CV in the email. UA Geosciences offers a top-ranked graduate program and Tucson is a wonderful, and affordable, place to live. In addition to beautiful hiking trails we are the first city in the United States to be designated a UNESCO World City of Gastronomy. If you like food, art, music, and a climate that is warm and sunny 85% of the time then Tucson is for you! Visit the Geosciences website for more information about our program, faculty, students, and staff.


At the moment I don’t have any postdoc positions available, but if you are interested in applying for an external fellowship please get in touch.

Undergraduate Students

If you are an undergrad at the University of Arizona and interested in getting some experience in climate science or organic geochemistry, get in contact with me. We often have opportunities to work in the laboratory.