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The equipment in the Organic Geochemistry Laboratory at UA Geosciences is specifically designed for environmental and paleoclimate applications. We are currently not a service lab but if you are interested in pursuing analyses please get in touch. Here are our machine MVPs.
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A Thermo Scientific Delta V Plus stable isotope mass spectrometer with a Conflo IV, Trace 1310 GC, and GC Isolink II. Designed to measure stable carbon and hydrogen isotopes on individual organic compounds. We use these measurements to track past changes in vegetation and hydroclimate.
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An Agilent 6210 single quadrupole mass spectrometer with a 1260/1290 Infinity high-performance liquid chromatograph. We use this to measure GDGT compounds, which tell us about past temperatures.
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An Agilent 5977 single quadrupole mass spectrometer with a 7890 gas chromatograph. We use this for ID’ing unknown compounds.
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“Palo Verde.”

A stand-alone Thermo Scientific Trace 1310 GC with a flame ionization detector. Workhorse of the lab, this guy does general compound screening/quantification.
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A stand-alone Agilent 7890 GC with a flame ionization detector and one more trick in its pocket: a modulator for GC X GC analyses.