Geofluids Research at University of Arizona Geoscience – Matt Steele-MacInnis

The Geofluids Laboratory at University of Arizona (PI Matthew Steele-MacInnis) investigates the properties and roles of fluids (aqueous fluids, gases, silicate melts) in geologic systems, with emphasis on hydrothermal fluids in ore-forming processes and mineral deposits. We apply field studies, hydrothermal experiments, laboratory analyses and theoretical modeling to decipher fluid processes in hydrothermal ore-forming environments.


December, 2016. Drew's first paper (lead author: Kyle Ashley) has been accepted for publication in American Mineralogist. Congratulations, Drew!
August, 2016. Hanna Brooks and Jordan Jensen join our group as MS students. Hanna is starting a project on solubilities of minerals in brines. Jordan is starting work on fluid circulation recorded by oxide minerals, co-advised by Pete Reiners.
June, 2016. Visiting student Raquel Guimaraes has joined our group. Raquel is working on fluid and mineral inclusions in garnet from the Ludwig area, Nevada.
June, 2016. The 2016 Roedder Conference (ECROFI), Columbia MO. Drew presented a talk entitled "Formation conditions of the Casting Copper skarn, NV, based on spectroscopic analysis and elastic modeling of mineral inclusions," and Boomer presented a talk entitled "The Origin of Hydrothermal Apatite at the Humboldt Iron-Oxide Apatite (IOA) Deposit, West-Central Nevada." Matt and Pilar also presented talks. Drew, Boomer and Matt attended the conference field trip to southern MO and the Viburnum Trend.
April, 2016. Boomer's presentation was selected as the best oral presentation of his session at the recent GeoDaze student research symposium. Congratulations Boomer!